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Unitary Transformation sentence examples within Local Unitary Transformation

Unwinding fermionic symmetry-protected topological phases: Supersymmetry extension

Free-space local nonseparability dynamics of vector modes

Unitary Transformation sentence examples within Arbitrary Unitary Transformation

Further compactifying linear optical unitaries

Spin Weyl quantum unit: A theoretical proposal

Unitary Transformation sentence examples within Orbital Unitary Transformation

Modeling magnetic interactions in high-valent trinuclear [Mn3(IV)O4]4+ complexes through highly compressed multi-configurational wave functions.

Modeling Magnetic Interactions in High-Valent Trinuclear [Mn(IV)3O4]^4+ Complexes Through Highly Compressed Multi-Configurational Wave Functions

Unitary Transformation sentence examples within Suitable Unitary Transformation

Bivariate two-band wavelets demystified

Low Rank Tensor Completion with Poisson Observations.

Unitary Transformation sentence examples within Dependent Unitary Transformation

Time-Dependent Unitary Transformation Method in the Strong-Field-Ionization Regime With the Kramers-Henneberger Picture

Time-Dependent Unitary Transformation Method in the Strong-Field-Ionization Regime with the Kramers-Henneberger Picture

Unitary Transformation sentence examples within Optimal Unitary Transformation

Automatic Registration and Clustering of Time Series

Exponentially Accelerated Approach to Stationarity in Markovian Open Quantum Systems through the Mpemba Effect.

Unitary Transformation sentence examples within Linear Unitary Transformation

Arbitrary optical wave evolution with Fourier transforms and phasemasks

Scalable low-rank tensor learning for spatiotemporal traffic data imputation

Unitary Transformation sentence examples within Pine Unitary Transformation

Effect of the anisotropic parabolic potential on the polaron’s properties in asymmetric Gaussian quantum wells

Cumulative effects of magnetic field and spin–orbit interaction (SOI) on excited binding energy of magnetopolaron in RbCl semi-exponential quantum well

Unitary Transformation sentence examples within unitary transformation approach

Quantum Fisher information and its super additivity in an anisotropic quantum Rabi model

Quantum dynamics of a general time-dependent coupled oscillator

Calculating the polarization in bipartite lattice models: Application to an extended Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model

Machine Learning Approach to Calculate Electronic Couplings between Quasi-diabatic Molecular Orbitals: The Case of DNA

Pure Gauge Spin-Orbit Couplings

An Efficient Improved OGWSBI Algorithm for Accurate Off-Grid DOA Estimation of Coherent Signals

Cross Domain Iterative Detection for Orthogonal Time Frequency Space Modulation

Helical Electronic Transitions of Spiroconjugated Molecules

Threefold spin helicity as possible origin of SU(3) gauge symmetry

Unitary Approximate Message Passing for Sparse Bayesian Learning

Uplink Sparse Channel Estimation for Hybrid Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO Systems by UTAMP-SBL

Causal and compositional structure of unitary transformations

Machine learning inference of molecular dipole moment in liquid water

Tailor-made unitary operations using dielectric metasurfaces.

Dynamical transition orbitals: A particle-hole description in real-time TDDFT dynamics.

Non-Markovian dynamics of the driven spin-boson model

Dynamical Invariant Applied on General Time-Dependent Three Coupled Nano-Optomechanical Oscillators

Intrinsic Sensitivity Limits for Multiparameter Quantum Metrology.

Conformal bridge transformation and PT symmetry

Magnetoelectric torque and edge currents caused by spin-orbit coupling

Joint angle and range estimation for bistatic FDA-MIMO radar via real-valued subspace decomposition

Fermi-Löwdin-orbital self-interaction correction using the optimized-effective-potential method within the Krieger-Li-Iafrate approximation

Chiral charge transfer along magnetic field lines in a Weyl superconductor

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