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Liquid interlayer formation during torsional ultrasonic welding of EN CW004A and EN AW1050

Clinching and torsional ultrasonic welding - An innovative process combination for joining metal-polymer hybrid structures

Ultrasonic Welding sentence examples within Power Ultrasonic Welding

Interface morphology and microstructure of high-power ultrasonic spot welded Mg/Al dissimilar joint

Effects of welding pressure on high-power ultrasonic spot welding of Cu/Al dissimilar metals

Ultrasonic Welding sentence examples within ultrasonic welding proces

A modular microfluidic bioreactor to investigate plant cell-cell interactions.


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Ultrasonic Welding sentence examples within ultrasonic welding technology

Energy Direction in Ultrasonic Impregnation of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastics

Interface morphology and microstructure of high-power ultrasonic spot welded Mg/Al dissimilar joint

Ultrasonic Welding sentence examples within ultrasonic welding machine

Assessment of Occupational Risk in the Case of the Ultrasonic Noise Exposure

Ultrasonic Molding of Polymer Micro Devices

Ultrasonic welding of GF/PA6T composites: Experimental investigation and process optimization

Low energy ultrasonic welding for Cu-Cu joining accelerated via Cu Nanoparticles

The effect of non-visible surface contamination on the quality of an ultrasonic weld

Multifunctional films for thermoplastic composite joints: Ultrasonic welding and damage detection under tension loading

Enhancing weld attributes in ultrasonic spot welding of carbon fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites: Effect of sonotrode configurations and process control

Optimization of ultrasonic transducer horn geometry with vibrational-thermal performance improvement approach

Feature-based quality classification for ultrasonic welding of carbon fiber reinforced polymer through Bayesian regularized neural network

Integrating Electronics to Textiles by Ultrasonic Welding for Cable-Driven Applications for Smart Textiles

Ultrasonic Welding of PBT-GF30 (70% Polybutylene Terephthalate + 30% Fiber Glass) and Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE)

Early event detection in a deep-learning driven quality prediction model for ultrasonic welding

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Smart Ultrasonic Welding – A Versatile Interconnection Technology for Power Electronics Packaging

Joining Analysis of Polypropylene Parts in Rotary Friction Welding Process and Developing of Joints Profile

The Effect of using Ultrasonic In Sewing Leather Garments

Orbital Ultrasonic Welding of Ti-Fittings to CFRP-Tubes

Modeling ultrasonic welding of polymers using an optimized artificial intelligence model using a gradient-based optimizer

Influence of laser parameters on tensile shear strength of copper welds

Weld joint characterization in ultrasonic welding of phosphor bronze sheets

Optimization of ultrasonically welded High density polyethylene with Medium density polyethylene

Joining of Metal-Plastic Composites With Advanced Welding Processes

Effect of Laser Surfacing on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ultrasonic Welded NiTi Joints

Heat Source Analysis on Ultrasonic Welding of Plastic Structural Components Based on Numerical Simulation

Fast and Precise Control for the Vibration Amplitude of an Ultrasonic Transducer Based on Fuzzy PID Control

An overview on joining/welding as post-processing technique to circumvent the build volume limitation of an FDM-3D printer

Sonotrodes for Ultrasonic Welding of Titanium/CFRP-Joints—Materials Selection and Design

Static ultrasonic welding of carbon fibre unidirectional thermoplastic materials and the influence of heat generation and heat transfer

Progress on Tests on Splices Between Nb3Sn Rutherford Cables for Graded High-Field Accelerator Magnets

Ultrasonic welding of magnetic hybrid material systems –316L stainless steel to Ni/Cu/Ni-coated Nd2Fe14B magnets

Summary of thermosetting composite material welding

Numerical and experimental investigation on the shapes of the sonotrode during ultrasonic welding

Assembly Part Positioning on Transformable Pin Array Fixture by Active Pin Maximization and Joining Point Alignment

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Ultrasonic welding of epoxy- to thermoplastic-based composites

Ultrasonic welding of magnetic hybrid material systems –316L stainless steel to Ni/Cu/Ni-coated Nd2Fe14B magnets

Investigation of the Dynamic Response of a Multispot System at Joining Using Ultrasonic Welding

Multi-Timescale Simulations of Temperature Elevation for Ultrasonic Welding of CFRP with Energy Director

Микроструктура и прочность соединений листов никеля, полученных ультразвуковой сваркой

Weld Strength Analysis of Ultrasonic Polymer Welding Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

Ultrasonic welding of polymer micro fluidic devices by inserting metal parts

Atomistic simulation of diffusion bonding of dissimilar materials undergoing ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic Welding of Magnesium–Titanium Dissimilar Metals: A Study on Thermo-mechanical Analyses of Welding Process by Experimentation and Finite Element Method

Effect of contact area with fixture on dynamic behaviour of joint interface in ultrasonic welding of thermoplastics

Enabling sustainable transportation through joining of dissimilar lightweight materials

Influence of laser parameters on tensile shear strength of copper welds

Analysis and optimization of ultrasonic copper wires using fuzzy logic approach


Investigation on energy director-less ultrasonic welding of polyetherimide (PEI)- to epoxy-based composites

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The Strength Study of Ultrasonically Welded Thermoplastic

Effects of ultrasonic welding parameters for solar collector applications

Visualization of dynamic stress conditions in elastic solids utilizing high frequency stroboscopic LED arrays

Ultrasonic Welding of Thermoplastic Composites

Ultrasonic Welding of Thermoset to Thermoplastic Based Composites: Effect of the Process Parameters on the Weld Strength

Inkjet-Printed Filament for LED Bulbs

Ultrasonic Welding of Polymers

Shear and tensile joint strengths of carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics using ultrasonic welding

Optimizing the weld factors affecting ultrasonic welding of thermoplastics

Investigation of Imperfections Formed at the Ultrasonic Welding of Copper Sheets

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Ultrasonic Torsional Welding of Metal/Glass Ceramics Joints

Analysis and experimental validation of longitudinally composite ultrasonic transducers.

Ultrasonic Welding of Polymer–Metal Hybrid Joints

Interfacial Segregation of Alloying Elements During Dissimilar Ultrasonic Welding of AA6111 Aluminum and Ti6Al4V Titanium

Ultrasonic Spot Welding of Dissimilar Metals: Mechanical Behavior and Microstructural Analysis

Effect of process parameters on the joint strength in ultrasonic welding of Cu and Ni foils

Development of the Acoustic Isolation Node of the Ultrasonic Oscillatory System

Bimorph deformable mirrors for high-order aberrations simulation


Explosive Welding of Al-MS Plates and its Interface Characterization

Tool wear monitoring in ultrasonic welding using high-order decomposition

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