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Ultrasonic Vibrations sentence examples within friction stir welding

Improving the mechanical properties of 2219-T6 aluminum alloy joints by ultrasonic vibrations during friction stir welding

Ultrasonic assisted second phase transformations under severe plastic deformation in friction stir welding of AA2024

Ultrasonic Vibrations sentence examples within method involves water

Evaluation of a hybrid cryogenic deburring method to remove uncut fibers on carbon fiber-reinforced plastic composites

Ultrasonic Vibrations sentence examples within Applying Ultrasonic Vibrations

A novel approach to improve environmentally friendly machining processes using ultrasonic nozzle–minimum quantity lubrication system

Wettability analysis of titanium alloy in 3D elliptical ultrasonic assisted turning

Ultrasonic Vibrations sentence examples within Without Ultrasonic Vibrations

Ultrasonic Cavitation in Wastewater Treatment from Azo Dye Methyl Orange

Development of a friction model based on oblique cutting theory

Ultrasonic Vibrations sentence examples within Power Ultrasonic Vibrations

Ultrasonic resistance welding of TRIP-780 steel

Multifrequency Langevin-Type Ultrasonic Transducer

Ultrasonic Vibrations sentence examples within Axial Ultrasonic Vibrations

Machining forces in ultrasonic‐vibration assisted end milling

Experimental Investigations to Evaluate Machining Accuracy of Ultrasonic-Assisted Milling on Thin-Walled Structures

Ultrasonic Vibrations sentence examples within Frequency Ultrasonic Vibrations

Изучение влияния воздействия высокочастотной акустической кавитации на качество молока-сырья и молочных продуктов на его основе

Multiple-Wave Interaction of X-Rays in a Paratellurite Crystal under Excitation of Ultrasonic Vibrations

Ultrasonic Vibrations sentence examples within ultrasonic vibrations could

A method and apparatus for determination of the ultrasonic-assisted forming limit diagram

The simultaneous effects of nanoparticles and ultrasonic vibration on inlet turbulent flow: An experimental study

Ultrasonic Vibrations sentence examples within ultrasonic vibrations simultaneously

Investigation of Processes on the Surface and in the Bulk of Magnetron Materials under Thermal and Thermoacoustic Treatment during Vacuum Pumping of the Air Atmosphere

Деякі аспекти вимірювання часу поширення ультразвукових коливань у бетоні

Ultrasonic Vibrations sentence examples within ultrasonic vibrations applied

Surface Integrity of Ultrasonically-Assisted Milled Ti6Al4V Alloy Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting

Finite Element Simulation of the Parallel Tubular Channel Angular Pressing Process for Al–Cu Bimetallic Tube with Experimental Verification

Influence of the ultrasonic vibration amplitude on the melt pool dynamics and the weld shape of laser beam welded EN AW-6082 utilizing a new excitation system for laser beam welding

The influence of post-annealing and ultrasonic vibration on the formability of multilayered Al5052/MgAZ31B composite

Simulation of change in rheological properties of structure of combined materials in tribosystem

Experimental research on the influence of ultrasonic vibrations on the laser cladding process of a disc laser

Influence of ultrasound and extraction conditions on the intensity of extraction of anthocyanin pigment from berry raw materials

Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of 6061/6082 Dissimilar Aluminium Alloys Through Ultrasonic-Assisted Cold Metal Transfer Welding

An experimental investigation on the effects of combined application of ultrasonic assisted milling (UAM) and minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) on cutting forces and surface roughness of Ti-6AL-4V

Strengthening Effects of Tool-Mounted Ultrasonic Vibrations during Friction Stir Lap Welding of Al and Mg Alloys

Aerosol-based ligand soaking of reservoir-free protein crystals

Ultrasonic-Assisted Dunlop Method for Natural Rubber Latex Foam Production: Effects of Irradiation Time on Morphology and Physico-Mechanical Properties of the Foam

Oxalic acid functionalization of BaTiO3 nanobelts for promoting their piezo-degradation organic contaminants

A study on tangential ultrasonic-assisted mirror grinding of zirconia ceramic curved surfaces

Polymer composite materials based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

Improved modification of clinoptilolite with silver using ultrasonic radiation

A novel approach to retrieve fractured mini implants

К вопросу об интерпретации эхограмм ультразвукового импульсного дефектоскопа

Investigation of Ultrasonic Impact Technology for Breaking Stable Water-Oil Emulsions in Phase Inversion Conditions

Laser drilling in nickel super-alloy sheets with and without ultrasonic assistance characterized by transient in-process detection with indirect characterization after hole-drilling

Assessment of the Physical, Mechanical, and Tribological Properties of PDMS Thin Films Based on Different Curing Conditions

Drilling of Additive Manufactured Poly Lactic Acid Modified byDrilling of Additive Manufactured Poly Lactic Acid Modified by Ultrasonic Vibration Ultrasonic Vibration

Investigation of the impulse impact effect in the process of additive manufacturing of metal products by plasma cladding

The influence of ultrasonic vibrations on material removal in the silicon wafer polishing using DDCAMRF: Experimental investigations and process optimization

Machining Characteristics of Electrochemical Polishing Using Ultrasonic Vibration for Nanoscale High Surface Quality.

Ultrasound Effect on the Microstructure and Hardness of AlMg3 Alloy under Upsetting

Joining of Metal-Plastic Composites With Advanced Welding Processes


Real-time observation with metallurgical examination for laser percussion drilling in stainless steel sheets using simultaneous magnetic-ultrasonic assistance

Multicomponent complex oxide media – the basics of the functional materials for electronic engineering: the selection of the promising compositions for assessing the ferrohardness

Trial using of ultrasonic cavitation in cottonization processes of hemp fibers

Effect of Parameters of High-Velocity Collision on the Structure and Properties of Joints upon Explosive Welding with Simultaneous Ultrasonication


The Effect of Ultrasonic Treatment of a Lubricating Oil on the Operation of a Tribological Assembly and the Assessment of the Residual Effects in the Oil

Investigation of ultrasound-assisted soldering of SiC ceramics by Zn-Al-In high-temperature solder

Experimental Studies on the Excitation and Registration of an Optoacoustic Signal in a Liquid

Effect of vibration frequency and displacement on melt expulsion characteristics and geometric parameters for ultrasonic vibration‐assisted laser drilling of steel

Effects of ultrasonic vibration on resistance spot welding of transformation induced plasticity steel 780 to aluminum alloy AA6061

Role of Acoustic Streaming in Formation of Unsteady Flow in Billet Sump during Ultrasonic DC Casting of Aluminum Alloys

Initiation of the shape memory effect by temperature variation or ultrasonic vibrations in the NiTi shape memory alloy after different preliminary deformation

Rheo-acoustic gels: Tuning mechanical and flow properties of colloidal gels with ultrasonic vibrations

Time Measurement of Ultrasonic Vibrations Extension in Concrete of Different Compositions

More Ultrasonic Vibrations 超音波振動 sentence examples

Time change for the propagation of ultrasonic vibrations in concrete under changing the conditions of measurements

An assessment of decoverslipping methods on histology slides

Combined processing of channels in ceramic parts

Ultrasonic vibrations as an impulse for glass transition in microforming of bulk metallic glass

Piezosurgery in Hallux Valgus Correction: Distal Linear Osteotomy Operative Technique Using Piezoelectric Tools

Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Electro-Discharge Machining (EDM)—An Overview

Fast surface dynamics enabled cold joining of metallic glasses

Quality Assurance of Assembling of GTE Threaded Joints by Ultrasonic Treatment upon the Required Strength Criterion

Effect of water-based ultrasonic vibration on the quality of laser trepanned microholes in nickel super-alloy workpieces

Ultrasonic Signal Encoding and Information Transmitting

The Application of Ultrasonic Vibration in Human Sperm Cryopreservation as a Novel Method for the Modification of Physicochemical Characteristics of Freezing Media

Development of Methods to Improve the Mechanical Performance of Coated Grid-Like Non-Crimp Fabrics for Construction Applications

Investigation of vibration effects and tool shape on edge chipping phenomenon occurring during rotary ultrasonic drilling

Effect of cutting edge modification on the tool flank wear in ultrasonically assisted turning of hardened steel


Experimental investigation on effects of water-based ultrasonic vibrations, transverse magnetic field and water temperatures on percussion laser drilling performance

Procedures Used for Cleaning Metallic Wind Instruments

Damping effect by contacting a piezoelectric element on an object in perpendicular direction of vibration

Electroelastic investigation of drying rate in the direct contact ultrasonic fabric dewatering process

Contrast of Ultrasonic Assisted Phase-Separation of RodSphere Mixture with Static Deposits in a Coffee-Stain Rin

Experimental and numerical study on heat transfer enhancement using ultrasonic vibration in a double-pipe heat exchanger

Ultrasonic-assisted machining processes: a review

Effect of Different Types of Wave Exposure on Demulsification of Stable Gel-Containing Water-in-Oil Emulsions

More Ultrasonic Vibrations 超音波振動 sentence examples

Recent Studies on the Fabrication of Magnesium Based Metal Matrix Nano-Composites by Using Ultrasonic Stir Casting Technique - A Review

Operating Efficiency of Worm Gears Under Ultrasonic Vibration Imposition in the Cutting Region

Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Cutting of Nomex Honeycomb Core Materials

Physical Principles of the Method of Low-Frequency Piezothromboelastography for Studying Rheological Properties of Whole Blood

A novel material modeling technique in the single-point incremental forming assisted by the ultrasonic vibration of low carbon steel/commercially pure titanium bimetal sheet

Increase of aggregative and sedimentation stability of slag suspensions by ultrasound

Mental Rotation of Digitally-Rendered Haptic Objects

Using an Ultrasonic Sensor to Monitor Position, Transfer Control Commands and Work Information

On performance enhancement of electrochemical discharge trepanning (ECDT) process by sonication of tool electrode

Ultrasonication Effects on the Microstructure Characteristics of the A380 Die Cast Alloy

More Ultrasonic Vibrations 超音波振動 sentence examples

Research of Thermoplastics Turning after Workpiece Ultrasonic Treatment

Temperature measurement in the ultrasonic-assisted drilling process

Experiments on the Ultrasonic Bonding Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Glass and Crystalline Metal Composite

Sensorless control of a three-degree-of-freedom ultrasonic vibration tool holder

Piezoelectric material-polymer composite porous foam for efficient dye degradation via the piezo-catalytic effect.

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