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Tribological and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Reinforced by Hybrid Nanoparticles

Dynamic and Quantitative Evaluation of Blood Plasma Coagulation Employing Impulsive Acoustic Radiation Force

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Fiber-Based Clock Synchronization Method for Medical Ultrasound System

Simplified Matrix Focusing Imaging Algorithm for Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing

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Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting with an Ultrasonic Vibration Source

Power ultrasound and its applications: A state-of-the-art review.

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Defect Estimation in Non-Destructive Testing of Composites by Ultrasonic Guided Waves and Image Processing

Experimental Ultrasonic NDT Signal of Steel Based on Improved Empirical Mode Decompositions

Bioaccessibility study and simultaneous quantification of endocrine disruptors (bisphenol A and phthalates) in utensils and toys for infants using HPLC–UV

High Accuracy Ultrasound Micro-Distance Measurements with PMUTs under Liquid Operation

Photoacoustic vision for surgical guidance

Design of deicing device for wind turbine blade based on microwave and ultrasonic wave

The Influence of ISI and an Improved Algorithm of Channel Estimation in the Chirp System

Visual study of TiO2 nanofluid stabilization methods on inhibition of asphaltene precipitation in porous media

Noise Reduction in the Swept Sine Identification Procedure of Nonlinear Systems

Ultrasonic micro-forging by two coaxial longitudinal waveguides with a fixed gap: model and application

Accurate Ultrasound Indoor Localization Using Spring-Relaxation Technique

All-optical laser-ultrasonic technology for width and depth gauging of rectangular surface-breaking defects.

Performance evaluation of ultrasonic transducer in a mist bioreactor by different nutrient media.

Investigation of Cylindrical Piezoelectric and Specific Multi-Channel Circular MEMS-Transducer Array Resonator of Ultrasonic Ablation

Cell Wall Fracture Mechanism in Ultrasonic Assisted Cutting of Honeycomb Materials

Health Monitoring of Single-Element Piezoelectric Transducer Using Its Electromechanical Admittance

Temperature compensation strategy for ultrasonic-based measurement of oil film thickness

Sonochemical Synthesis of Vaterite-Type Calcium Carbonate Using Steamed Ammonia Liquid Waste without Additives

Comparative Analysis of Vibrations of Ring-Shaped Ultrasonic Concentrators

Estimation of Bone Mineral Density Using Machine Learning Approach

Coating pretreatment of banana slices using carboxymethyl cellulose in an ultrasonic system before convective drying.

The effects of thermo-mechanical load on the vibrational characteristics of ultrasonic vibration system.

An Online Impedance Analysis and Matching System for Ultrasonic Transducers

An Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Method to Detect Internal Defects in Epoxy Composite Insulation

Health Prognostics of Lithium-ion Batteries and Battery-Integrated Structures

Coating pretreatment of banana slices using carboxymethyl cellulose in an ultrasonic system before convective drying.

A Multi-Path Compensation Method for Ranging in Wearable Ultrasonic Sensor Networks for Human Gait Analysis

Use of Ultrasound for Caries Detection

Evaluation of food-grade vegetable oils using ultrasonic velocity measurement and fatty acid composition

Distribusi Spasial, Sumber Pencemaran, dan Kajian Risiko Ekologi Polisiklik Aromatik Hidrokarbon (PAH) dalam Sedimen Pesisir di Pulau Bintan, Indonesia

Comparison between LigaSure™ and Harmonic® in Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: A Single-Center Experience on 422 Patients

Specific Energy: A New Approach to Ultrasound-assisted Extraction of Natural Colorants

Design and Application of Ultrasonic Measurement Systems for Akashiwo Sanguinea

Acoustic field generated by an innovative airborne power ultrasonic system with reflectors for coherent radiation.

A facile way for sugar transformation catalyzed by carbon-based Lewis-Brønsted solid acid

Detection of foreign objects in milk using an ultrasonic system

Comparison of bacterial removal from dentinal tubules with different irrigant agitation techniques: An in vitro study

Water Washable Coatings for Plasma Dicing Processes

Clean-in-place monitoring of different food fouling materials using ultrasonic measurements

Deep learning the sound of light to guide surgeries

Design of Ultrasonic-assisted Microinjection Mold and Cavity Pressure Measurement System

Detection of hydroxyl radicals in sonoelectrochemical system

Chemical characterization of oil and biodiesel from Common Purslane (Portulaca) seed as novel weed plant feedstock

A high-performance structure for the bulk acoustic wave metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor

Camera-based measurement of cyclist motion

An open-source software platform for translational photoacoustic research and its application to motion-corrected blood oxygenation estimation

Deep learning the sound of light to guide surgeries

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