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Viscoelastic ECAH: Scattering analysis of spherical particles in suspension with viscoelasticity.

Microstructural anisotropy evaluation in trabecular bone structure using the mode-converted (longitudinal to transverse, L-T) ultrasonic scattering

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Ultrasonic Scattering Attenuation in Nodular Cast Iron: Experimental and Simulation Studies

Measurement of Particle Concentration by Multifrequency Ultrasound Attenuation in Liquid–Solid Dispersion

Analysis of Dielectric Waveguide Grating and Fabry–Perot Modes in Elastic Grating in Optical Detection of Ultrasound

Wall-less vascular poly(vinyl) alcohol gel ultrasound imaging phantoms using 3D printed vessels

Influence of microstructural grain-size distribution on ultrasonic scattering.

Development of Fine Dust Measurement Method based on Ultrasonic Scattering

World’s deepest-penetration and fastest optical cameras: photoacoustic tomography and compressed ultrafast photography (Conference Presentation)

Correlations of the frequency dependence of the ultrasonic backscatter coefficient with the bone volume fraction and the trabecular thickness in bovine trabecular bone: Application of the binary mixture model.

Remote acoustic imaging in liquids through a bundle of rod waveguides

Probing the Cellular Size Distribution in Cell Samples Undergoing Cell Death.

Generalized ultrasonic scattering model for arbitrary transducer configurations.

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Ultrasonic Scattering 超音波散乱
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