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Evaluation of Surface Change and Roughness in Implants Lost Due to Peri-Implantitis Using Erbium Laser and Various Methods: An In Vitro Study

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Efficacy of (−)-epigallocatechin gallate delivered by a new-type scaler tip during scaling and root planing on chronic periodontitis: a split-mouth, randomized clinical trial

Accelerated Bone Induction of Adult Rat Compact Bone Plate Scratched by Ultrasonic Scaler Using Acidic Electrolyzed Water

Impact of physical decontamination methods on zirconia implant surface and subsequent bacterial adhesion: An in-vitro study.

Enamel Surface Damage following Debonding of Ceramic Brackets: A Hospital-Based Study

Local Exhaust Ventilation to Control Dental Aerosols and Droplets

Virus transmission by ultrasonic scaler and its prevention by antiviral agent

Results of an experimental study of subgingival cleaning effectiveness in the furcation area

Aerosol generation and control in the dental operatory: An in vitro spectrometric study of typical clinical setups

Effects of temperature and ultrasonic scaler on the infusion process of green tea leaves and catechins stability under ultrasonic vibration

Mouthwash to defeat COVID-19? –An update

Photodynamic Therapy in Orthodontics: A Literature Review

Effects of Extraoral Suction on Droplets and Aerosols for Infection Control Practices

Effect of different mouth washes as a pre-procedural rinse to combat aerosol contamination– A cross-sectional study

Evaluation of Time Consumption for Debonding Brackets Using Different Techniques: A Hospital-Based Study

Dentale Aerosole

Size-resolved spatial distribution analysis of aerosols with or without the utilization of a novel aerosol containment device in dental settings

Surface roughness of enamel and root surface after scaling, root planning and polishing procedures: An in-vitro study.

Legionnaires’ disease in dental offices: Quantifying aerosol risks to dental workers and patients

In-vitro evaluation of microleakage of bioceramic root-end filling materials: A spectrophotometric study.

Mitigating saliva aerosol contamination in a dental school clinic

Ultrasonic Device Complications in Endodontics: An Analysis of Adverse Events From the Food and Drug Administration Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience.

The effects of physical decontamination methods on zirconia implant surfaces: a systematic review

Comparative evaluation of three different ultrasonic liquid on microorganisms in dental aerosols

Status of decontamination methods after using dentin adhesion inhibitors on indirect restorations: An integrative review of 19 publications

Surface Roughness and Streptococcus mutans Adhesion on Metallic and Ceramic Fixed Prosthodontic Materials after Scaling

Shear bond strength values of PEEK to dentin using different surface treatments

In-Office Bleaching Techniques: Laboratory Investigation of the Effect on Color Change and EnamelMicromorphology

A clinical investigation of dental evacuation systems in reducing aerosols

An in vitro evaluation of surface roughness, color stability and bacterial accumulation of lithium disilicate ceramic after prophylactic periodontal treatment

A Clinical Study on the efficacy of Laksha Choorna Pratisarana and Tila Taila Kavala in the control of Danta Sharkara

Temperature Changes and SEM Effects of Three Different Implants-Abutment Connection during Debridement with Er:YAG Laser: An Ex Vivo Study

Enamel surface roughness assessment after debonding, employing three different removal methods.

Comparison of the Efficacy of Three Different Instruments in the Removal of Amalgam Overhang: An In Vitro Study.

Clinical evaluation of multiple peri-implant bony defect management by Er:YAG laser-assisted bone regenerative therapy

Comparision Effectiveness of Two Different Implant Surface Decontamination Methods by Surgical Treatment of Periimplantitis: A Clinical Trial

Near-infrared imaging of demineralization on the occlusal surfaces of teeth without the interference of stains

The use of enamel matrix derivative for the treatment of the apically involved tooth

Impact of photodynamic therapy versus ultrasonic scaler on gingival health during treatment with orthodontic fixed appliances

Is it Possible to Improve the Clinical Behaviour of Glass Ionomer Cement Restorations?

Comparative evaluation of C-reactive protein and complete blood count in chronic periodontitis patients following Phase I therapy: A serological and hematological study

The treatment of black stain associated with of iron metabolism disorders with lactoferrin: a litterature search and two case studies.

Titanium particles generated during ultrasonic scaling of implants

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