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Ultrasonic Methods sentence examples within Nonlinear Ultrasonic Methods

3D-printed phononic crystal waveguide transducers for nonlinear ultrasonic damage detection

Nonlinear surface-acoustic-wave phased array with fixed-voltage fundamental wave amplitude difference for imaging closed cracks

Ultrasonic Methods sentence examples within Conventional Ultrasonic Methods

Metal additively manufactured phononic materials as ultrasonic filters in nonlinear ultrasound measurements.

Influence of contact interface morphology on the nonlinear interaction between a longitudinal wave and a contact interface with friction : A numerical study

Ultrasonic Methods sentence examples within Passive Ultrasonic Methods

Comparison of Calcium Hydroxide Removal Activity of New Sonic System Vibringe and Different Irrigation Systems

Investigations on the Application of Actively and Passively Excited Guided Elastic Waves for the Monitoring of Fiber-reinforced Plastics

Ultrasonic Methods sentence examples within Proposed Ultrasonic Methods

Non-Invasive Imaging of Normalized Solid Stress in Cancers in Vivo

Non-Invasive Imaging of Normalized Solid Stress in Cancers in Vivo

Ultrasonic Methods sentence examples within Linear Ultrasonic Methods

The measurement of weld morphology and inclusions using ultrasonics

Detection of cracks in turbine blades with nonlinear ultrasonic frequency modulation

Ultrasonic Methods sentence examples within Different Ultrasonic Methods

Linear and Nonlinear Ultrasonic Techniques for Monitoring Stress-Induced Damages in Concrete

Review of ultrasonic measurement methods for two-phase flow.

Bone Micromorphology and Material Attrition After Sonic, Ultrasonic and Conventional Osteotomies

Comparison of Post Space Volume Changes Following Fiber Post Removal Using Er,Cr:YSGG Laser Vs. Ultrasonic Instrument.

Agricultural and non-agricultural directions of bio-based sewage sludge valorization by chemical conditioning

Facile Synthesis of Hierarchically Structured MIL-53(Al) With Superior Properties Using An Environmentally-Friendly Ultrasonic Method For Separating Lead Ions From Aqueous Solutions

Quantitative Inspection of Complex-Shaped Parts Based on Ice-Coupled Ultrasonic Full Waveform Inversion Technology

Cd(II) and Pb(II) Adsorption Using a Composite Obtained from Moringa oleifera Lam. Cellulose Nanofibrils Impregnated with Iron Nanoparticles

Experimental Measurement of Oil Film Thickness Distribution in Titling-Pad Thrust Bearings by Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Elements

Monitoring of the Operational Conditions in Steel Pipes Using Fiber Optic Sensors

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Challenges in neural interface electronics: miniaturization and wireless operation

Ultrasonic Method as a Tool for Geotechnical Parameters Estimation at Proposed Engineering Site/Western Iraq

Increasing efficiency of iron ore magnetic separation by using ultrasonic technologies

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Prediction and Measurement of Quenching and Pre-Stretching Stress in 7050 Aluminum Alloy Thick Plate

Enhancement in synthesis of citronellyl laurate flavour by combined effect of ultrasound and immobilized lipase as heterogeneous biocatalyst

Piezoelectric effect synergistically enhances the performance of Ti32-oxo-cluster/BaTiO3/CuS p-n heterojunction photocatalytic degradation of pollutants

Differential Removal of Nanoparticles on the Surface of a Thin Film Substrate

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On detection of crack-like welding defects by existing quality control methods

Acoustic and ultrasonic techniques for defect detection and condition monitoring in water and sewerage pipes: A review

Evaluation of accuracy of phase-sensitive method in estimation of axial motion and deformation with fluid-structure interaction analysis

More Ultrasonic Methods 超音波法 sentence examples

Evaluation of damage evolution of impacted composite laminates under fatigue loadings by infrared thermography and ultrasonic methods

Protective Effect of Various Extracts of Allium hirtifolium and Satureja khuzestanica Plants on AAPH-Induced Oxidative Hemolysis

Identification of multi-bolt head corrosion using linear and nonlinear shapelet-based acousto-ultrasonic methods

Effects of ultrasonic irradation on the upgradation of lube base oil investigated using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy

Response of Ovalbumin to Fructose Addition and pH Variations - Ultrasonic and FTIR Study

More Ultrasonic Methods 超音波法 sentence examples

Characterization of Concrete by Using Bulk Longitudinal Ultrasonic Waves at Low Frequencies- Correlation with Compressive Strength Testing

FAPbBr3−xIx perovskite quantum dots red Light-Emitting diodes with double confinement layer structure

Gıda Analizlerinde Hasarsız Akustik Yöntemlerin Kullanımı

More Ultrasonic Methods 超音波法 sentence examples

Saffron as a natural food colorant and its applications

Assessment of the Deterioration State of Post-Installed Bonded Anchors Using Ultrasonic

More Ultrasonic Methods 超音波法 sentence examples

Improvement of efficiency of detecting vacuum leakages by using combined methods

Time dependent investigation of the wave induced scour at the trunk section of a rubble mound breakwater

Possibilities of ultrasonic methods of research in the diagnosis of non-alcoholic fat liver disease in children

Application of ultrasonic models for investigating the properties of the interface between roller compacted concrete (RCC) layers


Cleaning of endodontic files with and without enzymatic detergent by means of the manual method versus the ultrasonic method: An experimental study

More Ultrasonic Methods 超音波法 sentence examples

Цереброваскулярные нарушения и синдром вегетативной дистонии у детей (подростков) и пациентов молодого возраста. Клинико-диагностические алгоритмы терапии

Antioxidant Properties and Anti-inflammatory Effects of the Hydroethanolic Extracts of Two Varieties of Bayberry fruit (Myrica rubra Sieb et Zucc.) Prepared by Stirring and Ultrasonic Methods

Influence of ultrasound-assist and classical extractions on total phenolic, tannin, flavonoids, tocopherol and antioxidant characteristics of Teucrium polium aerial parts

More Ultrasonic Methods 超音波法 sentence examples

Influence of Variable Stress State of Concrete on its Frost Resistance

A Review on Electrical Characteristics of Nanofluid based Transformer Oil

Effects of Ultrasound on Desliming Prior to Feldspar Flotation

An Ultrasonic Stress Wave approach on Quantitative Osseointegration Assessment of a Novel Implant

Standard Hot Pressing as a Possible Solution to Obtain Dense K0.5Na0.5NbO3 Ceramic Doped by Er2O3 and Yb2O3

Electrogenerated chemiluminescence of black phosphorus nanosheets and its application in the detection of H2O2.

Development of nonlinear acoustic and air-coupled techniques for non-destructive testing

More Ultrasonic Methods 超音波法 sentence examples

Combination of precipitation and ultrasound irradiation methods for preparation of lanthanum-modified Y zeolite nano-catalysts used in catalytic cracking of bulky hydrocarbons

Laser Ultrasonic Sensing of Oxidation-Induced Microstructural Changes in Nuclear Graphites

Finite difference simulation and experimental study of ultrasonic waves propagation in inhomogeneous piezoelectrically active composites

Bioactivities of Nizamuddinia zanardinii sulfated polysaccharides extracted by enzyme, ultrasound and enzyme-ultrasound methods

Comparison of the Lcr wave TOF and shear-wave spectrum methods for the uniaxial absolute stress evaluation of steel members

Bolt early looseness monitoring using modified vibro-acoustic modulation by time-reversal

Assessment of Scattered Damage in Structural Materials

Retrieval of Glass Fiber Post using Er:YAG Laser and Conventional Endodontic Ultrasonic Method: An In Vitro Study.

Effectiveness of different irrigation systems in the presence of intracanal‐separated file

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Non-destructive Damage Detection in Fibre Metal Laminates

Detectability of Rail Defects by Magnetic Flux Leakage Method

Ultrafine calcium carbonate-filled natural rubber latex film: mechanical and post-processing properties

Elastic constants of β-Ti15Mo

Hydroxylated carbon nanotube/carbon nitride nanobelt composites with enhanced photooxidation and H2 evolution efficiency

Automatic Edge Detection and Growth Prediction of Pleural Effusion Using Raster Scan Algorithm

Comparison of Different NDT Methods in Diagnostics of Rocket Cryogenic Tanks Thermal Protection Coating

Modeling the effects of oxidation-induced porosity on the elastic moduli of nuclear graphites

Effects of Ultrasound on Zinc Oxide/Vermiculite/Chlorhexidine Nanocomposite Preparation and Their Antibacterial Activity

Fabrication of CdS/titanium-oxo-cluster nanocomposites based on a Ti32 framework with enhanced photocatalytic activity for tetracycline hydrochloride degradation under visible light

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