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Applications and Perspectives of Ultrasonic Multi-Gas Analysis with Simultaneous Flowmetry

Applications and perspectives of gas analysis based on sonar instrumentation

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WITHDRAWN: Hand and ultrasonic instrumentation for orthograde root canal treatment of permanent teeth.

Impact of Er:YAG laser on wound healing following nonsurgical therapy: A pilot study

Efficacy of erythritol powder air-polishing in active and supportive periodontal therapy: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

The effects of using erbium, chromium-doped:yttrium-scandium-gallium-garnet laser on the surface modification, bacterial decontamination, and cell adhesion on zirconia discs: an in vitro study

In Vitro Comparison of Root Surface Treatment Effect between Root Scaling with Ultrasonic Inserts and Gracey Curette and Polishing with Different Cleaning Pastes

A System for Measuring Water Levels in Open-Air Irrigation Canals

3D-printed phononic crystal waveguide transducers for nonlinear ultrasonic damage detection

Use of air polishing for supra- and subgingival biofilm removal for treatment of residual periodontal pockets and supportive periodontal care: a systematic review.

Efficacy of the additional use of subgingival air polishing with erythritol powder in the treatment of periodontitis patients: a randomized controlled clinical trial

Ultrasonic Instrument Effects on Different Implant Surfaces: Profilometry, Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy, and Microbiology In Vitro Study.

Clinical Outcomes of Using Erythritol Powder by Means of Air Polishing with Ultrasonic Debridement in the Treatment of Initial Periodontal Pockets in Hand of Dental Students: A Split-mouth, Randomized, Comparative, Controlled Study. Part I.

Infection Control in Adult Periodontal Patients Using Ultrasonic Debridement and Erythritol Powder: A Randomized, Controlled, Split-Mouth Clinical Study.

Clinical Evaluation of Chlorhexidine and Essential Oils’Adjunctive Effects in Subgingival Ultrasonic Instrumentation on Periodontal Parameters and Halitosis

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Ultrasonic Instrumentation 超音波計測器
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