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Influence of ultrasound on juvenile hormone titers in Monochamus alternatus Hope (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

Revitalizing Ultrasonic Positioning Systems for Ultrasound-Incapable Smart Devices

Ultrasonic Frequencies sentence examples within Low Ultrasonic Frequencies

Assessment of Occupational Risk in the Case of the Ultrasonic Noise Exposure

Effectiveness of Dynamic Response Spectroscopy and Microwave Inspection Technology for Substrate Pipe and Composite Wraps

Ultrasonic Frequencies sentence examples within High Ultrasonic Frequencies

A High-Frequency Phased Array System for Transcranial Ultrasound Delivery in Small Animals

Ear pinnae in a neotropical katydid function as ultrasound guides for bat call detection

Ultrasonic Frequencies sentence examples within Variou Ultrasonic Frequencies

Potential of Ultrasound to Control Sesamia cretica (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).

Effect of ultrasound pretreatment on physical, bioactive, and antioxidant properties of carrot cubes after centrifugal dewatering

Ultrasonic Frequencies sentence examples within Higher Ultrasonic Frequencies

Ultrasonic Processing of Si and SiGe for Photovoltaic Applications

Influence of liquid density variation on the bubble and gas dynamics of a single acoustic cavitation bubble.

Ultrasonic Frequencies sentence examples within ultrasonic frequencies may

Usability of Ultrasonic Frequency Testing for Rapid Generation of High and Very High Cycle Fatigue Data

Relations between static and dynamic moduli of sedimentary rocks

Ultrasonic Frequencies sentence examples within ultrasonic frequencies respectively

Revitalizing Ultrasonic Positioning Systems for Ultrasound-Incapable Smart Devices

Rebooting Ultrasonic Positioning Systems for Ultrasound-incapable Smart Devices

Simultaneously enhanced strength and ductility of TIG welds in Inconel 718 super-alloy via ultrasonic pulse current

Optical phase contrast imaging for absolute, quantitative measurements of ultrasonic fields with frequencies up to 20 MHz.

Structuring acoustic fields for particle manipulation

On the Effect of CO2 on Seismic and Ultrasonic Properties: A Novel Shale Experiment

Wingtip folds and ripples on saturniid moths create decoy echoes against bat biosonar

The Roles of Sono-induced Nitrosation and Nitration in the Sono-degradation of Diphenylamine in Water: Mechanisms, Kinetics and Impact Factors.

Measuring office workplace interactions and hand hygiene behaviors through electronic sensors: A feasibility study

High frequency sensitivity to interaural onset time differences in the bat inferior colliculus

Frequency-dependent suppression of field-induced polarization rotation in relaxor ferroelectric thin films

Can Fluid-Substitution Models Continue to Ignore the Complex Physico-Chemical Properties of Crude Oil?

Effect of ultrasound-assisted thawing on gelling and 3D printing properties of silver carp surimi.

Evoked auditory potentials from African mole-rats and coruros reveal disparity in subterranean rodent hearing.

A comprehensive numerical analysis of heat and mass transfer phenomenons during cavitation sono-process

The Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration on Material Movement in Incremental Sheet Forming

Torsional wave focusing in cylindrical structures with the conformal gradient-index phononic crystal lens

Результаты экспериментального исследования акустических свойств водонасыщенного песка в интервале температуры от –29 до +20 ᵒ С

New Theoretical Model for Mass Sensitivity of Love Wave Sensors

Development of an ultrasound level meter for use in occupational safety and health.

Experimental demonstration of negative refraction with 3D locally resonant acoustic metafluids

Effect of Vibration Direction of Ultrasonic Vibrating Cutting Edge on Internal Stress Fluctuation of Workpiece

Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Correlation between fractographic aspects and stress intensity factor in very high cycle fatigue

An Experimental Model of the Acoustic Wave Propagation Through a Cascading Triple-Periodic Array of Cylindrical Holes

Ultrasonic measurement of viscosity: Signal processing methodologies

Ultrasonic wave attenuation dependence on saturation in tight oil siltstones

Dispersion and attenuation of compressional waves in tight oil reservoirs: Experiments and simulations

Observation of topological gravity-capillary waves in a water wave crystal

Ultrasound experiments on acoustical activity in chiral mechanical metamaterials

Studied on sonocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B in aqueous solution.

Spatial variation in black-headed night monkey (Aotus nigriceps) vocalizations

Arc welding noise assessment from the measured ultrasound pressure levels. Part II: Pulsed and double pulsed metal active gas welding.

Very high-cycle fatigue properties and microstructural damage mechanisms of selective laser melted AlSi10Mg alloy

Rotary ultrasonic machining of carbon fiber–reinforced plastic composites: effects of ultrasonic frequency


Particle size distribution measurement based on ultrasonic attenuation spectra using burst superposed wave

Search for Optimum Parameters of Love Wave Sensors. Development of Exact Analytical Formulas for Sensor Sensitivities

Numerical prediction of ultrasonic attenuation in concentrated emulsions and suspensions using Monte Carlo method

Heat transfer intensification by low or high frequency ultrasound: Thermal and hydrodynamic phenomenological analysis

Ultrasound-assisted extraction of some branded tea: Optimization based on polyphenol content, antioxidant potential and thermodynamic study


Ultrasound-Assisted Marination: Role of Frequencies and Treatment Time on the Quality of Sodium-Reduced Poultry Meat

AURITA: an affordable, autonomous recording device for acoustic monitoring of audible and ultrasonic frequencies

From Static to Dynamic Stiffness of Shales: Frequency and Stress Dependence

Effects of multi-frequency ultrasound on freezing rates and quality attributes of potatoes.

Borealodon osedax, a new stem mysticete (Mammalia, Cetacea) from the Oligocene of Washington State and its implications for fossil whale-fall communities

Velocity dispersion in rocks: A laboratory technique for direct measurement of P-wave modulus at seismic frequencies.

Sensorless control of a three-degree-of-freedom ultrasonic vibration tool holder

Static and dynamic stiffness measurements with Opalinus Clay

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