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Study of safety indicators for obtaining products from dried rose hips

Ultrasonic-assisted soldering for graphite films as heat sinks with durably superior heat dissipating efficiency

Effect of Coupling of Eletropulsing Treatment and Ultrasonic Surface Modification on the Surface Nanostructure Layer of Steel

Strengthening Effects of Tool-Mounted Ultrasonic Vibrations during Friction Stir Lap Welding of Al and Mg Alloys

Возможность использования ультразвукового воздействия для регулирования функциональных свойств пророщенного зерна Avena sativa L.

Study of double-using ultrasonic effects on the structure of PbO nanorods fabricated by the sonochemical method.

Prospects of using ultrasound therapy in combination with preparation possessing antiseptic effect in complex treatment of periodontitis

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Droplet freezing phase transition and heat transfer under the ultrasonic effect

Effect of ultrasonication on the separation kinetics of scheelite and calcite

Half-Time Heat Map Reveals Ultrasonic Effects on Morphology and Kinetics of Amyloidogenic Aggregation Reaction.

Ultrasonic-assisted cloud point microextraction and spectrophotometric determination of Ponceau 4R in various beverage samples using Non-ionic surfactant PONPE 7.5

Effect of ultrasonic technology on cellulase enzyme activity produced by local bacterial isolate

Application of Combined Physical and Electrochemical Methods for Conditioning Diamond-Containing Raw Materials to Improve the Efficiency of Sticky and Foam Separation Processes

Application of ultrasonication at different microbial growth stages during apple juice fermentation by Lactobacillus plantarum: Investigation on the metabolic response

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Thermal characterization of a heating cylinder under ultrasonic effects

Study on ultrasonic vibration-assisted adhesive bonding of CFRP laminates with laser ablation-treated surfaces

Synthesis of activated carbon supported catalysis systems and research for sonocatalytic performance on wastewater treatment

The influence and control of ultrasonic on the transport and electrochemical properties of redox couple ions in deep eutectic solvent (DES) for redox flow battery application

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