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Wideband electromagnetic dynamic acoustic transducers (WEMDATs) for air-coupled ultrasonic applications

An Analytical Model for Bandwidth Enhancement of Air-Coupled Unsealed Helmholtz Structural CMUTs

Ultrasonic-assisted removal of inorganic scales in high-salinity wastewater treatment using membrane distillation

Reliability issue related to dielectric charging in capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers: A review

KNNS-BNZH Lead-Free 1–3 Piezoelectric Composite for Ultrasonic and Photoacoustic Imaging

Fabrication and measurement of a hybrid resonant gradient index metasurface at 40kHz

Review on Time Delay Estimate Subsample Interpolation in Frequency Domain

Retrieval of Glass Fiber Post using Er:YAG Laser and Conventional Endodontic Ultrasonic Method: An In Vitro Study.

Importance and Applications of Ultrasonic Technology to Improve Food Quality

Microstructure evolution, magnetostrictive and mechanical properties of (Fe83Ga17)99.9(NbC)0.1 alloy ultra-thin sheets

Fabrication and experimental demonstration of a hybrid resonant acoustic gradient index metasurface at 40 kHz

Acoustic transmission line based modelling of microscaled channels and enclosures.

Statistical evaluation of the effect of ultrasound on the synthesis of calcium phosphates

Monolayer metamaterial for full mode-converting transmission of elastic waves

Effects of electrodes and electrical connections of piezoelectric layers on dynamic characteristics of radially polarized multilayer piezoelectric cylindrical transducers

Effect of Conditioning Protocols and Ultrasonic Application of an Infiltrant Resin in White Spot Lesions.

Energy harvesting sensor – PZT0,5M0,5(M:PVC, PP, PVDF) composite thick film equipped with SiO2

Bond strength of self-etching adhesives to dentin surface after smear layer removal with ultrasonic brushing.

Novel Nanocomposite Materials for Improving Passive Layers in Air-coupled Ultrasonic Transducer Applications

Experimental Ultrasonic NDT Signal of Steel Based on Improved Empirical Mode Decompositions

Optimization of Ultrasound-Mediated Drug Delivery for Treatment of Onychomycosis.

Application of Ultrasonics on Preparation of Magnesium Alloys

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Ultrasonic Application 超音波アプリケーション
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