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Ultrasonic Activation sentence examples within single cone technique

Micro-CT Evaluation of Four Root Canal Obturation Techniques

Comparison of Dentinal Tubule Penetration between a Calcium Silicate-Based Sealer with Ultrasonic Activation and an Epoxy Resin-Based Sealer: A Study Using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy.

Ultrasonic Activation sentence examples within root canal system

Management of a Rare Case of Geminated and Fused Central Incisors in the Same Maxillary Dental Arch

Ultrasonic Activation sentence examples within Passive Ultrasonic Activation

The ability of different irrigation methods to remove mixtures of calcium hydroxide and barium sulphate from isthmuses in 3D printed transparent root canal models.

Efficacy of five irrigation techniques in removing calcium hydroxide from simulated S-shaped root canals

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Ultrasonic Activation sentence examples within Indirect Ultrasonic Activation

Effect of indirect ultrasonic activation of modified bioceramic materials on the bond strength and tubular penetration in root canals

Ultrasonic vibration and thermo-hydrodynamic technique for filling root canals: technical overview and a case series.

Ultrasonic Activation sentence examples within ultrasonic activation method

Comparative Analysis of Biofilm Removal Efficacy by Multisonic Ultracleaning System and Passive Ultrasonic Activation

Cleaning effectiveness of a nickel-titanium ultrasonic tip in ultrasonically activated irrigation: a SEM study.

An in-vitro comparative evaluation of quantitative release of transforming growth factor β-1 from dentin upon the action of endodontic irrigants, medicaments, ultrasonic activation, and low-level laser irradiation

A novel three-dimensionally printed model to assess biofilm removal by ultrasonically activated irrigation.

Optimal pulse length of insonification for Piezo1 activation and intracellular calcium response

TiO2-supported Au144 nanoclusters for enhanced sonocatalytic performance.

An innovative technique to safely perform active cleaning in teeth with open apices: CAB technique

Reduction of dual-species biofilm after sonic- or ultrasonic-activated irrigation protocols: a laboratory study.

Enhanced ammonium removal on biochar from a new forestry waste by ultrasonic activation: Characteristics, mechanisms and evaluation.

Ultrasonic activation of inert poly(tetrafluoroethylene) enables piezocatalytic generation of reactive oxygen species

Effect of different final irrigation protocols on pulp tissue dissolution from an isthmus model.

Root canal debridement by negative pressure irrigation, ultrasonically activated irrigation and their combination.

Influence of Ultrasonic Activation on the Physicochemical Properties of Calcium Silicate-Based Cements

Does the ultrasonic activation of sealer hinder the root canal retreatment?

Comparison of Various Root Canal Filling Materials and Obturation Techniques for Primary Teeth Using Microcomputed Tomography

SEM Evaluation of Various Intracanal Irrigation Devices on Smear Layer Removal: A Comparative Study.

The Effect of Ultrasonic Activation of Two Different Sealers on the Fracture Resistance of Obturated Root Canals

Influence of ultrasonic activation on antimicrobial activity of a new final irrigant containing glycolic acid: An in vitro study.

Effects of Ultrasonic Activation on Root Canal Filling Quality of Single-Cone Obturation with Calcium Silicate-Based Sealer

Mesoporous Calcium-Silicate Nanoparticles Loaded with Low-Dose Triton-100+Ag+ to Achieve Both Enhanced Antibacterial Properties and Low Cytotoxicity for Dentin Disinfection of Human Teeth

Antibacterial activity of ultrasonic extracts of Salvia stepposa growing in Kazakhstan

Minimal Dentinal Tubule Penetration of Endodontic Sealers in Warm Vertical Compaction by Direct Detection via SEM Analysis

Evaluation of Root Canal Obturation Quality in Deciduous Molars with Different Obturation Materials: An In Vitro Micro-Computed Tomography Study

Mutual-reinforcing sonodynamic therapy against Rheumatoid Arthritis based on sparfloxacin sonosensitizer doped concave-cubic rhodium nanozyme.

The enhancement of cutting capacity of a grinding wheel when processing ductile steel blank parts by ultrasonic activation


Ca-Si mesoporous nanoparticles with the optimal Ag-Zn ratio inhibit the Enterococcus faecalis infection of teeth through dentinal tubule infiltration: an in vitro and in vivo study.

Surface and Antibacterial Properties of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Synthesized in Plasma Discharge under Ultrasonic Cavitation

Comparison of Two Different Methods in the Removal of Oil-Based Calcium Hydroxide From Root Canal System: A Triple-Blinded Randomised Clinical Trial

Influence of 1-Hydroxyethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid on the Soft Tissue-Dissolving and Gelatinolytic Effect of Ultrasonically Activated Sodium Hypochlorite in Simulated Endodontic Environments

Capacidad de Disolución del Hipoclorito de Sodio con o sin Activación

Dark Antibacterial Activity of Rose Bengal

Ultrasonic Irrigant Activation during Root Canal Treatment: A Systematic Review

Ultrasonic Activation of Water-Soluble Au25(SR)18 Nanoclusters for Singlet Oxygen Production

Influence of final irrigation protocols and type of resin cement on bond strength of glass fiber posts in root dentin previously treated with photodynamic therapy.

Electron Microscopic Comparative Analysis of Smear Layer Removal by Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid and Chitosan Using Ultrasonic Activation: An In Vitro Study

Influence of final irrigation protocols and endodontic sealer on bond strength of root filling material with root dentin previously treated with photodynamic therapy.

Efficacy of reciprocating and ultrasonic activation of 6% sodium hypochlorite in the reduction of microbial content and virulence factors in teeth with primary endodontic infection.

Efficacy of Different Irrigation Techniques in Removing Ledermix Paste from Simulated Root Canal Irregularities

Enhancing Er:YAG bactericidal effect against Enterococcus faecalis biofilm in vitro

Evaluation of the evidence of effectiveness of ultrasonic activated irrigation for root canal treatment

Effect of ultrasonic activation on dentinal tubule penetration of calcium silicate‐based cements

Effect of sonic and ultrasonic activation on physicochemical properties of root canal sealers.

Effects of Endodontic Irrigants on Material and Surface Properties of Biocompatible Thermoplastics

Piezophototronic effect in enhancing charge carrier separation and transfer in ZnO/BaTiO3 heterostructures for high-efficiency catalytic oxidation

Dentinal tubule penetration and root canal cleanliness following ultrasonic activation of intracanal-heated sodium hypochlorite.

Effect of ultrasonic activation on the efficacy of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy: Evaluation of penetration depth of photosensitizer and elimination of Enterococcus faecalis biofilm.

Duration of ultrasonic activation causing secondary fractures during the removal of the separated instruments with different tapers

Abstract 3952: Localized nanodelivery combined with immunotherapy promotes curative anti-tumor responses in a murine breast cancer model

Update of the therapeutic planning of irrigation and intracanal medication in root canal treatment. A literature review

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