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Experimental investigation into unstable two phase flow phenomena during flow boiling in multi-microchannels

Flow boiling heat transfer and two-phase flow phenomena of CO2 in macro- and micro-channel evaporators: Fundamentals, applications and engineering design

Two-phase pressure drop analysis of swirl tube in one-side high heat load condition for plasma facing component application

Development of a prediction model relating the two-phase pressure drop in a moisture separator using an air/water test facility

Editorial: CFD Applications in Nuclear Engineering

Shock wave velocity in two-phase pressure flow

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Improved flow boiling performance in high-aspect-ratio interconnected microchannels

Experimental Investigation and Prediction on Pressure Drop during Flow Boiling in Horizontal Microchannels

PEM fuel cell cathode-side flow field design optimization based on multi-criteria analysis of liquid-slug dynamics

Development of Empirical Correlation of Two-Phase Pressure Drop in Moisture Separator Based on Separated Flow Model

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Visualization study of flow boiling characteristics in open microchannels with different wettability

Predicting the ejection velocities of fragments from explosions cylindrical pressure vessels: Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis

Modelling the two-phase flow of propane in a capillary tube: Investigating and modelling the metastable flow and hysteresis effect

A comprehensive three-dimensional model coupling channel multi-phase flow and electrochemical reactions in proton exchange membrane fuel cell

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Experimental investigation and correlation development for two-phase pressure drop characteristics of flow boiling in offset strip fin channels

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Uncertainty analysis for multiphase flow: A case study for horizontal air-water flow experiments

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Two-phase pressure drop and void fraction in a cross-corrugated plate heat exchanger channel: Impact of flow direction and gas-liquid distribution

Fluid Dynamics and Pressure Drop Prediction of Two-Phase Flow Through Sudden Contractions

Effect of fluid viscosities on the liquid-liquid slug flow and pressure drop in a rectangular microreactor

Characteristics of Two-Phase Flow in Packed Bed Systems

Pressure drop and flow pattern of gas-non-Newtonian fluid two-phase flow in a square microchannel

On instantaneous pressure surges and time averaged pressure drop in intermittent regime of two-phase flow

Low Pressure Experimental Validation of Low-Dimensional Analytical Model for Air–Water Two-Phase Transient Flow in Horizontal Pipelines

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