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Detecting Aortic Valve Anomaly From Induced Murmurs: Insights From Computational Hemodynamic Models

A Flow Velocity Measurement Method Based on Turbulent Pressure Fluctuation Characteristics

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Suppressed heat conductivity in the intracluster medium: implications for the magneto-thermal instability

Turbulent pressure support and hydrostatic mass-bias in the intracluster medium

Surface effects and turbulent pressure

Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Flow-Induced Interior Noise Based on Pellicular Analysis

Magnetically Arrested Disks in Quiescent Black Hole Binaries: Formation Scenario, Observable Signatures, and Potential PeVatrons

The JCMT BISTRO Survey: The Distribution of Magnetic Field Strengths toward the OMC-1 Region

Physical properties of the star-forming clusters in NGC 6334: A study of the continuum dust emission with ALMA

Distortion of Magnetic Fields in the Dense Core CB81 (L1774, Pipe 42) in the Pipe Nebula

Some Aspects of Turbulence in Discrete Mechanics

Damping rates and frequency corrections of Kepler LEGACY stars

CHIMPS: Physical properties of molecular clumps across the inner Galaxy

Solar $p$-mode damping rates: insight from a 3D hydrodynamical simulation

Gravity, Magnetic Field, and Turbulence: Relative Importance and Impact on Fragmentation in the Infrared Dark Cloud G34.43+00.24

The turbulent stress spectrum in the inertial and subinertial ranges.

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Turbulent Pressure 乱流圧力
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