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Destination Image Recognition And Emotion Analysis: Evidence From User-Generated Content Of Online Travel Communities

DMOs as Data Mining Organizations? Reflection over the Role of DMOs in Smart Tourism Destinations

Tourist Experience sentence examples within Enhance Tourist Experience

Translating Tourist Requirements into Mobile AR Application Engineering Through QFD

Emotional intelligence and tourist experience: a perspective article

Tourist Experience sentence examples within Understanding Tourist Experience

Integrating Authenticity, Well-being, and Memorability in Heritage Tourism: A Two-Site Investigation

Understanding Leisure Trip Experience and Subjective Well-Being: an Illustration of Creative Travel Experience

Tourist Experience sentence examples within Unique Tourist Experience

Nocturnal ritual activities in tourist development of pilgrimage cities

Comunicação on-line e off-line para marca-país: um estudo exploratório sobre a Marca Brasil

Tourist Experience sentence examples within Overall Tourist Experience

Travel by People With Physical Disabilities

Explaining tourist behavioral loyalty toward mobile apps.

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Determinants of memorable sightseeing bus-tour experiences: identifying and evaluating destination related attributes

Analysis of antecedents and consequences of memorable tourist experiences (MTEs): A Spanish case study

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The Impact of Augmented Reality Experiential Marketing on Tourist Experience Satisfaction

Social Media Data-Based Sentiment Analysis of Tourists’ Air Quality Perceptions

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Digital transformation and tourist experience co-design: Big social data for planning cultural tourism

The role of market mavens in co-creating tourist experiences and increasing loyalty to service providers

An analysis of tourist’s perceptions toward tourism development: Study of cold desert destination, India

Local residents’ contribution to tourist experiences: a community perspective from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

On the path towards understanding overtourism – cruise tourism and the transportation infrastructure

Groundwater, Graves and Golf: Layers of Heritage Tourism on a Fiji Resort Island

Can Animals Be the Key to the Development of Tourism: A Case Study of Livestock in Agritourism

Gastronomic creative tourism: experiences in the Algarve region of Portugal.

Research on the Regional Distribution Law and Driving Force of Tourist Experience in Ancient Towns in the Yangtze River Economic Belt

Consuming dark sites via street art: Murals at Chernobyl

Affective Learning Outcomes of Short-Term Study Abroad: The Impact of Academic vs. Trip Characteristics

Autonomous Shuttle-as-a-Service (ASaaS): Challenges, Opportunities, and Social Implications

CEE Millennial Travellers’ Attitude towards Security Measures Applied in Tourism Infrastructure

Daily tourist flow forecasting using SPCA and CNN‐LSTM neural network

Conscious Tourism’s Dimension in the Historical Villages of Portugal


Exploring “gothic tourism”: a new form of urban tourism?

The Tourist Destination Management and Its Dynamism: The Case of Barcelona Versus Catalonia

Reaching audiences through travel vlogs: The perspective of involvement

Customer knowledge management and smart tourism destinations: a framework for the smart management of the tourist experience - SMARTUR

The search for the truest of authenticities: Online travel stories and their depiction of the authentic in the platform economy

Building the Tourist Destination Through Multiple Semiotic Modes

Tourism experiences in motion. Mobile, visual and psychophysiological methods to capture tourists “on the move”

Fado Houses of Lisbon: Between Authenticity and Touristification

La aplicación del neuromarketing al ámbito del turismo: una revisión bibliográfica

An improved ant colony optimization algorithm based on context for tourism route planning

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