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Study on the Development Strategy of Tourism City Planning in Harbin under the Background of New Urbanization

Impact of population growth and land use and land cover (LULC) changes on water quality in tourism-dependent economies using a geographically weighted regression approach

Transformation and Reconstruction of Rural Area through Tourism Urbanization: A Case Study of Simatai Village, Beijing

Comprehensive Partitions and Optimization Strategies Based on Tourism Urbanization and Resources and Environment Carrying Capacity in the Yellow River Basin, China

Ecological trap in tourism-urbanization: Simulating the stagnation and restoration of urbanization from the perspective of government incentives

On the Mechanism and Path of Tourism Urbanization in Southwest National Area

Tourism Urbanization in Croatia. The Cases of Poreč in Istria and Makarska in Dalmatia

Enhancing coastal areas governance for sustainable tourism in the context of urbanization and climate change in eastern Thailand

Research on the Development Model and Risk Identification in Tourism Urbanization

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Tourism Urbanization 観光都市化
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