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The Role Of Human Resources In Lake Transportation To Improve Tourism Service In Lake Toba

Tourism Transportation Services Provided on the Principle of Sharing Economy

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Analysis on Application Framework Construction of Transportation and Tourism Integration Under Big Data Platform

Study on the Tourism Spatial Structure of Dujiangyan City from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Study on the Influence of Road Network on the Spatial Distribution of Tourism Resources – A Case Study of the Sichuan-Tibet Scenic Byway

Tourism as A Driver of Development: An Evidence from Selected Tourism Stakeholders in Vigan City

Analysis of Choice Behavior of Tourist Transportation Mode in Xiamen

[Pollution Characteristics and Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in the Water of Lijiang River Basin].

Strategic planning features and tools of tourist routes transportations by inland water transport


Research on image perception of Guilin tourism destination based on network text analysis

A rapid method for evaluating the variables affecting traffic flow in a touristic road, Iran

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Tourism Transportation 観光交通
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