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Tourism Strategies sentence examples within Sustainable Tourism Strategies

Conclusion − tourism: how to achieve the sustainable development goals?

Events as Sustainable Experience for Local Communities of a Tourist Destination

Tourism Strategies sentence examples within Developing Tourism Strategies

Improving the Sustainability Effectiveness of Traditional Arts and Crafts Using Supply–Demand and Ordered Logistic Regression Techniques in Taiyuan, China

Promoting tourism through the EU LEADER programme: understanding Local Action Group governance

Tourism Strategies sentence examples within Poor Tourism Strategies

Pro-Poor tourism strategies in local communities in Uganda: A case study of lake Bunyonyi in Kabale district

Poverty Reduction Through Pro-Poor Tourism: A Case Study of Handicraft Sector of Varanasi

Tourism Strategies sentence examples within Regional Tourism Strategies

The market of tourist services in the republic of Kazakhstan and its development prospects


Tourism Strategies sentence examples within Term Tourism Strategies

Drivers of Regional Destination Competitiveness: A DEMATEL – Fuzzy TOPSIS Approach

Local community attitude toward tourism development in capital cities: Example of Belgrade

Tourism Strategies sentence examples within Food Tourism Strategies

Food tourism in Korea

Cultural Representation by Local Food Microenterprises

Guidelines for Management of Geoheritage: an Approach in the Sertão Central, Brazilian Northeastern Semiarid

El papel de la organización social local en el desarrollo del ecoturismo en México: un estudio comparativo en la Zona Maya de Quintana Roo

Measuring the Economic Use Values of Recreation Resources in Protected Areas, Evidence from Nyerere National Park in Tanzania

The Importance of Sustainability in Diving Tourism—The Case of German Speaking Diving Tourists

Percepción y conocimiento ambiental como base para una estrategia de ecoturismo en un área protegida urbana de Bogotá (Colombia) (Perception and Environmental Knowledge as the Basis for an Ecotourism Strategy in a Protected Urban Area of Bogotá (Colombia))

Destination Image in the COVID-19 Crisis: How to Mitigate the Effect of Negative Emotions, Developing Tourism Strategies for Ethnocentric and Cosmopolitan Consumers


Community-based Avitourism as a tool for Environmental Appropriation

The prioritization of natural-historical based ecotourism strategies with multiple-criteria decision analysis in ancient UNESCO city: Iznik-Bursa case

Potential of olive oil tourism in promoting local quality food products: A case study of the region of Extremadura, Spain

Servicescape of the Greater Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem: Visualizing the linkages between land use, biodiversity and the delivery of wildlife-related ecosystem services

Linking wine culture, identity, tourism and rural development in a denomination of origin territory (NW of Spain).

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La performance touristique territoriale : Cas de la destination Fès

Strategic Planning of Tourism with an emphasis on Spirituality Based on New Integration of Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Techniques

Community views on the role of tourism in local development: a South African study.

International convention tourism: A choice modelling experiment of host city competition

Forecasting international tourist arrivals in formulating tourism strategies and planning: The case of Sri Lanka

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