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Barriers to Medical Tourism Development in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Exploration of National Tourism Development, Innovation and Marketing Policies: A Case Study of Nepal Tourism Constraints

Tourism Policies sentence examples within Sustainable Tourism Policies

Economic And Environmental Impact Of The Tourism Carrying Capacity: A Local-Based Approach

Tourism planning: impacts as benchmarks for sustainable development plans

Tourism Policies sentence examples within Public Tourism Policies

Ciclismo e cicloturismo em Santa Catarina (Brasil): características, motivações e interesses

Instrumento de inteligência turística e tomada de decisão: o caso do Observatório do Turismo do Maranhão

Tourism Policies sentence examples within Halal Tourism Policies

The Influence of Artificial Intelligence to Support Halal Tourism Policy in South Korea

Government Marketing Public Relations Strategy in Preparing Halal Tourism in Priangan Region

Tourism Policies sentence examples within Future Tourism Policies

Development of a Scale to Measure Intrapersonal Psychological Empowerment to Participate in Local Tourism Development: Applying the Sociopolitical Control Scale Construct to Tourism (SPCS-T)

Land suitability zoning for ecotourism planning and development of Dikgatlhong Dam, Botswana

Tourism Policies sentence examples within International Tourism Policies


Pariwisata Budaya dan Pandemi Covid-19: Memahami Kebijakan Pemerintah dan Reaksi Masyarakat Bali

Tourism Policies sentence examples within Marine Tourism Policies

How marine tourism promote financial development in sustainable economy: new evidences from South Asia and implications to future tourism students

How Marine Tourism Promote Financial Development in Sustainable Economy: New Evidence from South Asia

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Improving Tourism Entrepreneur’s Competition during the COVID 19 Pandemic – A Case Study in Tourism Industry in Vietnam

How Local tourism managers can benefit from national surveys: estimating tourism and restaurant expenditures for small market segments

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A participação do Ministério do Turismo nas políticas de educação profissional em turismo

Chinese seniors holidaying, elderly care, rural tourism and rural poverty alleviation programmes

Uluslararası Seyahat ve Turizm Rekabetçilik Endeksi Kapsamında Türkiye nin Güçlü ve Zayıf Yönlerinin Değerlendirilmesi

Policy Implementation to Improve Tourism Destination Based on Local Wisdom in Gunungkidul Regency Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Does ecotourism in a Mangrove area at Klong Kone, Thailand, conform to sustainable tourism? A case study using SWOT and DPSIR


Kebijakan Kepariwisataan di Provinsi Aceh: Peluang dan Tantangan

A New Intuition into Tourism-Inclusive Growth Nexus in Turkey and Nigeria (1995 – 2018)

Investigating the impact of renewable energy, international trade, tourism, and foreign direct investment on carbon emission in developing as well as developed countries

The Wheels on the Bus: The Tourism Industry Development Council and Envisioning Spatial Futures in post-Rodney King Los Angeles

Tourism as a Key for Regional Revitalization?: A Quantitative Evaluation of Tourism Zone Development in Japan

Implementation of Indigenous Peoples Traditions based on Tourism Development in Kampung Naga

Exploring the Influence of Multidimensional Tourist Satisfaction on Preferences for Wetland Ecotourism: A Case Study in Zhalong National Nature Reserve, China

Natural resources and policies for community-based ecotourism

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on logistics performance, economic growth and tourism industry of Thailand: an empirical forecasting using ARIMA

Analisis Kebijakan Pemerintah Daerah Kota Cilegon Dalam Penetapan Desa Wisata Watu Lawang

Competitive intelligence approach for developing an e-tourism strategy post COVID-19

Centros históricos en México, patrimonialización global y turistificación

Beaches for Everyone? Marine Tourism for Mobility Impaired Visitors in Busan, Korea

Association Rule Mining Tourist-Attractive Destinations for the Sustainable Development of a Large Tourism Area in Hokkaido Using Wi-Fi Tracking Data

Mexico’s ethnic culinary heritage and cocineras tradicionales (traditional female cooks)

Sustainable Tourism Development and Food Security in Ethiopia: Policy-making and Planning

Neoliberal Rome—The Role of Tourism

La judicialización de las decisiones públicas: el caso de la política de moratoria turística de Canarias

Turismo in Italia: numeri e potenziale di sviluppo [Tourism in Italy: Figures and Potential for Development]

Tourism Policy of Nepal and Sustainable Mountain Tourism Development in Retrospect

Dynamic linkages between tourism, energy, environment, and economic growth: evidence from top 10 tourism-induced countries

Enhancement of Tourism Promotion Efforts in DKI Jakarta

Collaborative Networks for Sustainable Human Capital Management in Women’s Tourism Entrepreneurship: The Role of Tourism Policy

Agentic Response to Institutional Constraints in Tourism and Hospitality Sectors

Tourism in Protected Areas and Appraisal of Ecotourism in Nepalese Policies

The consequences of exchange rate trends on international tourism demand: evidence from India

Ecotourism in China, Misuse or Genuine Development? An Analysis Based on Map Browser Results

Authentication of “Avola almonds” by near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and chemometrics


Global climate change and coastal tourism: recognizing problems, managing solutions and future expectations

Local Community Participation in Tourism Development: The Case of Katse Villages in Lesotho

The Past, Present and Future of Sustainability in Tourism Policy and Planning in Sub-Saharan Africa

The 12th UNWTO/PATA forum on tourism trends and outlook

Climate change and world heritage: a cross-border analysis of the Sundarbans (Bangladesh–India)

Cross-Border Politics and Development in the European Union with a Focus on Tourism

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