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Tourism Impact sentence examples within Negative Tourism Impact

Sustainable Tourism Destination Assessment as a Baseline for Tanjung Kelayang Tourism Development

Assessment of the Geotourism Resource Potential of the Satun UNESCO Global Geopark, Thailand

Tourism Impact sentence examples within Perceived Tourism Impact

Investigating Residents’ Attitudes towards Tourism Growth in Downtown Greenville, SC: The Effect of Demographic Variables

Roles of Tourism Involvement and Place Attachment in Determining Residents’ Attitudes Toward Industrial Heritage Tourism in a Resource-Exhausted City in China

Tourism Impact sentence examples within Toward Tourism Impact

Resident Willingness to Pay for Ecotourism Resources and Associated Factors in Sanjiangyuan National Park, China

Tourism as a Factor of Regional Development: Community Perceptions and Potential Bank Support in the Kopaonik National Park (Serbia)

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Tourism Impact sentence examples within Positive Tourism Impact

Revisiting residents’ support for tourism development: The role of tolerance

Can overtourism be managed? Destination management factors affecting residents’ irritation and quality of life

Tourism Impact sentence examples within Environmental Tourism Impact

Resources: Eco-efficiency, Sustainability and Innovation in Tourism

Examining the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Resident Attitude Formation: A Missing Link?

Ancient town tourism and the community supported entrance fee avoidance – Xitang Ancient Town of China

An analysis of tourist’s perceptions toward tourism development: Study of cold desert destination, India

Tourism in retrospect of COVID-19 on global perspective using analytical hierarchy process

Exploring conflicts between stakeholders in tourism industry. Citizen attitude toward peer-to-peer accommodation platforms


Evaluation of Impact of Tourism on the Quality of Life of the Host Community Resident in Idanre, Ondo State Nigeria

Support for tourism: the roles of attitudes, subjective wellbeing, and emotional solidarity

Potential of ecotourism as a mechanism to buoy community livelihoods: the case of Musina Municipality, Limpopo, South Africa

Research on the Influence of Place Attachment on Residents’ Attitude and Behavior Based on Structural Equation Model

Tourism as A Driver of Development: An Evidence from Selected Tourism Stakeholders in Vigan City

Ecotourism development in National Parks: A new paradigm of forest management in Indonesia


Investigating the impact of renewable energy, international trade, tourism, and foreign direct investment on carbon emission in developing as well as developed countries

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Balanced development of tourism industry in Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhia regions

Peak Event: The Rise, Crisis and Decline of Large Events


Tourismophobia or touristification? An analysis of the impacts of tourism in Poblenou, Barcelona

, Tourism and the UN Sustainable Development : The Case of Croatia

Collective or Individual? What Types of Tourism Reduce Economic Inequality in Peripheral Regions?

The impacts of mangrove ecotourism management on the socio-economic conditions of people in kulonprogo regency

Impacts of national park tourism sites: a perceptual analysis from residents of three spatial levels of local communities in Banff national park

The comparative analysis of challenges to the national education systems in Bulgaria and Ukraine (on the example of the tourism and IT sectors)

Strengthening Family-Based Local Cultural Values in the Conflicting Area and Marine Ecotourism of Situbondo Indonesia

Wildlife tourism and local communities: Evidence from India

Tourism and Quality of Life

Planning Ecotourism in Coastal Protected Areas; Projecting Temporal Management Scenarios

Intertemporal Tourism Clusters and Community Resilience

Exploring how perceived tourism impacts evolve over time (2009–2019) in an era of uncertainty: economic crisis, host-guest interactions, and Airbnb

Place attachment and residents’ perceptions of tourism development in small town destinations

Physical and Ecological Carrying Capacity for Cave Tourism Management


Linking blue carbon ecosystems with sustainable tourism: Dichotomy of urban–rural local perspectives from the Philippines

Protected areas and poverty reduction: The role of ecotourism livelihood in local communities in Ghana

Is the World Heritage Just a Title for Tourism?

Determinants of corporate social responsibility (CSR) attitudes: perspective of travel and tourism managers at world heritage sites

Sikap Warga Desa Ekowisata Pancoh terhadap Partisipasi Perempuan Pemilik Usaha Pariwisata Berdasarkan Pengukuran Women Owned Operated Tourism Businesses (WOOTB)

Evaluating urban residents’ attitudes towards tourism development in Belgrade (Serbia)

Determinants of Community Support for Wildlife Tourism: Evidence from Udawalawa National Park in Sri Lanka

Impact of Tourism on Residents’ Quality of Life: Segmentation Analysis and Marketing Implications

Managing Sustainable Tourism : A Legacy for the Future

Puri vs. Varanasi destinations: local residents’ perceptions, overall community satisfaction and support for tourism development

Water quality in the eastern karst region of the Yucatan Peninsula: nutrients and stable nitrogen isotopes in turtle grass, Thalassia testudinum

Residents’ Support for Sports Events Tourism Development in Beach City: The Role of Community’s Participation and Tourism Impacts

Impact of yurt tourism on labor division in nomadic Kazakh families

The determination of measures, standards and effects levels of visitors of the protected areas (In case of Gölcük Nature Park)

Towards socially sustainable tourism in cities local community perceptions and development guidelines

Spatial Distributive Differences in Residents’ Perceptions of Tourism Impacts in Support for Sustainable Tourism Development—Lu-Kang Destination Case

Intellectual connections in tourism studies

Can Personal Values Modulate the Perception of Tourism Impacts by Local Population?: Testing for the Role of Product Identity in a Mining Tourism Destination

Residents’ Perception Towards Tourism Impact and Community Participation

Livelihood sustainability in a rural tourism destination - Hetu Town, Anhui Province, China

Evaluación de la sostenibilidad en el sector socioturístico de Fuerteventura (Islas Canarias)

Reflections on Agricultural Heritage Systems and Tourism in China

Factors influencing the impact of tourism on happiness

Residents’ Perceptions of Tourism Impact on Community in National Parks in Serbia

A Research Agenda for Sustainable Tourism

Residents’ attitudes towards different tourist offers: Maldonado-Punta del Este conurbation (Uruguay)

Vulnerability of Avifauna and Wildlife to Tourism Impacts

The Effect of Tourism and the Educational Level of Parents and Students on the Enrollment in the Hotel and Tourism in the Schools of Amman Governorate

Does living in the vicinity of heritage tourism sites influence residents’ perceptions and attitudes?

An Exploration of Links between Levels of Tourism Development and Impacts on the Social Facet of Residents’ Quality of Life

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