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A Systematic Literature Review of Rural Homestays and Sustainability in Tourism

Challenges of Geotourism in South Africa: A Case Study of the Kruger National Park

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A Study on Children’s Preference for Tourist Destinations Based on Naive Theory

A comparative automated content analysis approach on the review of the sharing economy discourse in tourism and hospitality

Travel Professors: A YouTube channel about tourism education & research

Perkembangan dan Interaksi Modal Ekspatriat Berbasis Tourism Area Life Cycle di Ubud

Conclusion: how could tourism planners and policymakers overcome the barriers to sustainable tourism development in the small island developing state of North Cyprus?

Past, present and future: trends in tourism research


Social Media as a Catalyst for the Enhancement of Destination Image: Evidence from a Mediterranean Destination with Political Conflict

Research on the Promotion of Tourism Culture to Tourism Education

Cruise travel motivations and repeat cruising behaviour: impact of relationship investment

Urban and Rural Ecotourism in and Around Bolpur: A Study of Destination Marketing and Challenges – Ecotourism Practices in West Bengal, India

Decarbonising tourism: mission impossible?

Applying experiential marketing in selling tourism dreams

Turizm Yüksek Öğretiminde İşbaşı Eğitim Uygulaması: Turizm Akademisyenlerinin Beklentileri

Implementation Of The Pentahelix Approach Model Against Development Sustainable Tourism In Bukittinggi City Towards A National Leading Tourism Destination

İşkoliklik ve Bireysel Mutluluk Arasındaki İlişkinin Turizm Akademisyenleri Açısından İncelenmesi

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