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An Introduction to Patterns for the Internet of Robotic Things in the Ambient Assisted Living Scenario

Fixed-Point Analysis of Throughput Performance of Listen Before Talk Adopting Simple Adaptive Frequency Agility

SACR: A Stability-Aware Cluster-Based Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks

Basketball Player On-Body Biophysical and Environmental Parameter Monitoring Based on Wireless Sensor Network Integration

On Blockchain-Based Cross-Service Communication and Resource Orchestration on Edge Clouds

A Compact FPGA-Based Accelerator for Curve-Based Cryptography in Wireless Sensor Networks

Security and Privacy in IoT Smart Healthcare

NB-IoT and Wi-Fi Technologies: An Integrated Approach to Enhance Portability of Smart Sensors

Physical Layer Security of a Dual-Hop Regenerative Mixed RF/UOW System

A Photonics-Assisted Multi-Band MIMO Radar Network for the Port of the Future

A Survey on Internet of Things (IoT): Layer-Specific, Domain-Specific and Industry-Defined Architectures

Discovering location based services: A unified approach for heterogeneous indoor localization systems

Evolution of VANETS to IoV

Trust-Aware sensing Quality estimation for team Crowdsourcing in social IoT

Towards a Template Matching Approach for Human Fall Detection

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Preliminary study of an innovative method to increase the accuracy in direct 3D-Printing of NURBS objects

Developing Trends in Power and Networking Technologies for Intelligent Cities

Trust-Related Attacks and Their Detection: A Trust Management Model for the Social IoT

Simple 60 GHz Switched Beam Antenna for 5G Millimeter-Wave Applications

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Chroma. A bioinspired medical solution for pregnancy care

Sistema con base en el Internet de las cosas para el control de riego en la agroindustria

Sociocast: Design, Implementation and Experimentation of a New Communication Method for the Internet of Things

eHeart-BP, Prototype of the Internet of Things to Monitor Blood Pressure

HMP: A Hybrid Monitoring Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks Evaluation

Towards IoT-Based eHealth Services: A Smart Prototype System for Home Rehabilitation

Efficient and privacy preserving access control scheme for fog-enabled IoT

Utility privacy trade-off in communication systems

Development of an IoT Solution for Detergent Supervision in Industrial Washing Machines

Design of ULV ULP LNAs Exploiting FBB in FDSOI 28nm Technology

A Data Fusion Algorithm for Multiple Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks

Novel RSSI-based Localization System for Cattle and Animal Tracking

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Recent Advances on Radio Access and Security Methods in 5G Networks

Web of Things Data Visualization: From Devices to Web Via Fog and Cloud Computing

An Internet of Things Approach for Environmental Quality Management and Laboratory Activity Support

A Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Algorithm Based on Non-Uniform Sampling of Power Data and Deep Neural Networks

Intelligent Parking Management in Urban Environment

A generic framework for optimizing performance metrics by tuning parameters of clustering protocols in WSNs

Internet of Things based Context Aware Health Care Services

Inexpensive and flexible nanographene-based electrodes for ubiquitous electrocardiogram monitoring

eHeart-BP, Prototype of the Internet of Things to Monitor Blood Pressure

A Feasibility Study of IEEE 802.11 HCCA for Low-Latency Applications

Using Policy Refinement to Assist IoT Device Management in Smart Hospitals

Beyond the smart things: Towards the definition and the performance assessment of a secure architecture for the Internet of Nano-Things

Real-Time Route Planning and Data Dissemination for Urban Scenarios Using the Internet of Things

Real-time Electrical Power Prediction in a Combined Cycle Power Plant

Fuzzy logic approach to repair coverage holes in internet of things monitoring applications

SDN&NFV contribution to IoT objects virtualization

Indoor positioning using RFID and REST

An Efficient Sybil Attack Detection for Internet of Things

Optimal Task Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks by Means of Social Network Optimization

Walk this way! An IoT-based urban routing system for smart cities

Identifying Data Dependencies as First Step to Obtain a Proactive Historian: Test Scenario in the Water Industry 4.0

Environmental Monitoring using Embedded Systems on UAVs

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