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Smoothing temperature and ratio of casein to whey protein: Two tools to improve nonfat stirred yogurt properties.

Using Human Whole Saliva to Better Understand the Influences of Yogurt Rheological and Tribological Behaviors on Their Sensory Texture

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Effects of amylose and amylopectin chain-length distribution on the kinetics of long-term rice starch retrogradation

Effect of whole quinoa flour substitution on the texture and in vitro starch digestibility of wheat bread

Characterization of a traditional ripened cheese, Kurdish Kope: Lipolysis, lactate metabolism, the release profile of volatile compounds, and correlations with sensory characteristics.

Physicochemical and textural properties of a Spanish traditional garlic (Allium sativum L.) variety: characterizing distinctive properties of “Fino de Chinchón” garlic

Relationships between isolated sweetpotato starch properties and textural attributes of sweetpotato French fries.

Effect of micro-aeration on the mechanical behaviour of chocolates and implications for oral processing.

Printability and textural assessment of modified-texture cooked beef pastes for dysphagia patients

Thermocatalytic decomposition of CH4 over Ni/SiO2.MgO catalysts prepared via surfactant-assisted urea precipitation method

Yogurts supplemented with lipid emulsions rich in omega-3 fatty acids: New insights into the fortification, microencapsulation, quality properties, and health-promoting effects

Cress seed gum improves rheological, textural and physicochemical properties of native wheat starch-sucrose mixture.

Co-extruded wheat/okra composite blends result in soft, cohesive and resilient crumbs rich in health-promoting compounds.

The effect of genotype and storage on compositional, sensorial and textural attributes of canned fruit from commercially important non-melting peach cultivars

Pea pod powder to enhance the storage quality of buckwheat bread

Correlations Among Ultrasonographic, Physicochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Pectoralis Major Muscles in Turkeys Reared in a Sustainable Farming System

Impact of sage seed gum and whey protein concentrate on the functional properties and retrogradation behavior of native wheat starch gel

The molecular state of gelatinized starch in surplus bread affects bread recycling potential

The transitioning feature between uncooked and cooked cowpea seeds studied by the mechanical compression test

In-vitro meat: a promising solution for sustainability of meat sector

High pressure processing improves the sensory quality of sodium-reduced chicken sausage formulated with three anion types of potassium salt

Prediction of top round beef meat tenderness as a function of marinating time based on commonly evaluated parameters and regression equations

Quality Evaluation, Storage Stability, and Sensory Characteristics of Wheat Noodles Incorporated with Isomaltodextrin

Nutritional and end‐use perspectives of sprouted grains: A comprehensive review

Effects of yam (Dioscorea opposita Thunb.) juice on fermentation and textural attributes of set-style skimmed yoghurt

Correlations between first order echotextural characteristics and chemical composition of pectoralis major muscles in broiler chickens receiving different dietary fat supplements

​Bioactive Compounds from Selected Fruits Improve Quality and Oxidative Stability of Wallago Attu Fish Nuggets

Recent Progress on Improving the Quality of Bran-Enriched Extruded Snacks

Effect of reheating method on the post-processing characterisation of 3D printed meat products for dysphagia patients

SPGAN: Face Forgery Using Spoofing Generative Adversarial Networks

Antagonistic effects of amylopectin and amylose molecules on the starch inter- and intramolecular interactions during retrogradation

Airborne hyperspectral remote sensing applied to determine the texture of a Cambisol in the Chapada do Apodi, Ceará

Low- and reduced-fat milled curd, direct-salted Gouda cheese: Comparison of lactose standardization of cheesemilk and whey dilution techniques.

The instrumental texture profile analysis revisited.

Iron fortification of reduced‐fat bioyoghurt containing either short‐ or long‐chain inulin

Food texture as affected by ohmic heating: Mechanisms involved, recent findings, benefits, and limitations

Sequential aspects of cream cheese texture perception using temporal dominance of sensations (TDS) tool and its relation with flow and lubrication behaviour.

Cell Wall Polymer Composition and Spatial Distribution in Ripe Banana and Mango Fruit: Implications for Cell Adhesion and Texture Perception

Bread staling: understanding the effects of transglutaminase and vital gluten supplementation on crumb moisture and texture using multivariate analysis

Elucidation of Differential Nano-Textural Attributes for Normal Oral Mucosa and Pre-Cancer.

Minimizing textural defects in heat and acid coagulated dairy gel- (Paneer) during sub-zero temperature storage using protein cross-linking enzyme (Microbial transglutaminase)

Casein as a Modifier of Whey Protein Isolate Gel: Sensory Texture and Rheological Properties.

Quality characteristics and storage stability of low-fat tofu prepared with defatted soy flours treated by supercritical-CO2 and hexane

Effects of crab shell extract as a coagulant on the textural and sensorial properties of tofu (soybean curd)

Characterization of thermo-oxidative behavior of ethylcellulose oleogels.

Evaluation of physicochemical characteristics of microwave vacuum dried mackerel and inhibition of oxidation by essential oils

Basaltic Terrains in Idaho and Hawai‘i as Planetary Analogs for Mars Geology and Astrobiology

Effects of high pressure processing (HPP) and acid pre-treatment on quality attributes of hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) fillets

Emulsions stabilized by soy protein nanoparticles as potential functional non-dairy yogurts.

Characterization of Mechanical Texture Attributes of Cooked Milled Rice by Texture Profile Analyses and Unraveling Viscoelasticity Properties Through Rheometry.

Physical and Viscoelastic Properties of Carrots During Drying.

Effect of solar drying methods on color kinetics and texture of dates

Effect of quality of milk on physico-chemical characteristics of buffalo milk concentrate (khoa) during storage

Improvement of cooking quality of germinated brown rice attributed to the fissures caused by microwave drying

Characterization of microstructure, physicochemical and functional properties of corn varieties using different analytical techniques

The Northwest Africa 8159 (NWA 8159) Martian Meteorite Part 2. Spinel-orthopyroxene intergrowths. A record of fO2 and crust-basalt interactions

Comparative Efficacy of Synthetic and Natural Tenderizers on Quality Characteristics of Restructured Spent Hen Meat Slices (RSHS)

Towards an increased plant protein intake: Rheological properties, sensory perception and consumer acceptability of lactic acid fermented, oat-based gels

Changes in testicular size, echotexture, and arterial blood flow associated with the attainment of puberty in Dorper rams raised in a subtropical climate

Comparison of the Effects of the Alcalase-Hydrolysates of Caseinate, and of Fish and Bovine Gelatins on the Acidification and Textural Features of Set-Style Skimmed Yogurt-Type Products

Relationships Among Acid Milk Gel Sensory, Rheological, and Tribological Behaviors

Characterization and comparison of cold brew and cold drip coffee extraction methods.

Changes in Instrumental Textural and Color Attributes of Pre-Treated Potato Slices during Refrigerated Storage

Integrating spectral and textural attributes to measure magnitude in object-based change vector analysis

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