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Two-and-three-dimensional analysis of Joule and viscous heating effects on MHD nanofluid forced convection in microchannels

Bio-convective couple stress nanofluid behavior analysis with temperature-dependent viscosity and higher order slip encountered by a moving surface

Polymer Glass Formation: Role of Activation Free Energy, Configurational Entropy, and Collective Motion

Effects of temperature-dependent viscosity on natural convection in a porous cavity with a circular cylinder under local thermal non-equilibrium condition

Non-isothermal blade coating analysis of viscous fluid with temperature-dependent viscosity using lubrication approximation theory

Marangoni Convection of Dust Particles in the Boundary Layer of Maxwell Nanofluids with Varying Surface Tension and Viscosity

Contactless measurement of temperature-dependent viscosity and surface tension of liquid Al69.1Cu12.8Ag18.1 eutectic alloy under microgravity conditions using the oscillating-drop-method

Geodynamic Tomography: Constraining Upper-Mantle Deformation Patterns from Bayesian Inversion of Surface Waves

Early evolution of optimal perturbations in a viscosity-stratified channel

Attraction and repulsion between objects in a granular flow

Universal Scaling in the Temperature-Dependent Viscous Dynamics of Metallic Glasses.

Investigating heat transfer through the Lepontine Dome (Central European Alps) with a combined petrological, structural, dating and modelling approach

Non-Isothermal Creeping Flows in a Pipeline Network: Existence Results

Thermal controls on ice stream shear margins

Viscosity effect on the strategic kinetic overgrowth of molecular crystals in various morphologies: concave and octapod fullerene crystals

On the Vibration-Enhanced Thermoplastic Formability in Bulk Metallic Glasses

Translational and reorientational dynamics in deep eutectic solvents.

Impact Dynamics and Freezing Behavior of Surfactant-Laden Droplets on Non-Wettable Coatings at Subzero Temperatures.

Entropy generation analysis of Falkner–Skan flow of Maxwell nanofluid in porous medium with temperature-dependent viscosity

A Liquid drop Falling in Another Fluid: A Two-Phase Flow Phenomenon

Creeping flow of Jeffrey fluid through a swarm of porous cylindrical particles: Brinkman-Forchheimer model

On the vibration-enhanced thermoplastic formability in bulk metallic glasses

Stability range of localized subcritical Rayleigh–Bénard convection in temperature-dependent viscosity fluids: Constraints from two-dimensional simulations

Potential remote drug delivery failures due to temperature-dependent viscosity and drug-loss of aqueous and emulsion-based fluids

Thermomechanical Controls on the Timing of Magma Reservoir Failure in a Viscoelastic Crust

Global regularity of 2D temperature-dependent MHD-Boussinesq equations with zero thermal diffusivity

Specific heat effects in two-dimensional shock refractions

Concept for Darcy-based viscosity measurement for fast-curing resin systems

Intangible Hydrodynamic Cloaks for Convective Flows

Global smooth solution of 2D temperature-dependent tropical climate model

Hydrodynamic analysis of nanofluid’s convective heat transfer in channels with extended surfaces

Thermally-driven coalescence in thin liquid film flowing down a fibre

Oscillatory Flow MHD of Jeffrey Fluid with Temperature-Dependent Viscosity (TDV) in a Saturated Porous Channel

Transient free convection of variable viscosity liquid in an inclined cube affected by the temperature modulation on a vertical wall

Effects of Second-Order Slip Flow and Variable Viscosity on Natural Convection Flow of CNTs −

Effect of Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity on MHD Natural Convection Flow along a Vertical Flat Plate

Non-Arrhenian Temperature-Dependent Viscosity of Alkali(ne) Carbonate Melts at Mantle Pressures

Controls on the present-day dynamic topography predicted from mantle flow models since 410 Ma

Physical aspects of convective and radiative molecular theory of liquid originated nanofluid flow in the existence of variable properties

Global well-posedness for a model of 2D temperature-dependent Boussinesq equations without diffusivity

Remarkable role of C3H8O2 on transportation of MoS2−SiO2 hybrid nanoparticles influenced by thermal deposition and internal heat generation

Influence of thermal properties on temperature of fluid with micro-structures

Correlation of viscosity with atomic packing in Cu50Zr50 melt

MHD flow in a vertical channel under the effect of temperature dependent physical parameters

Three-Dimensional, Non-Isothermal Simulations of the Effect of Speed Ratio in Partially-Filled Rubber Mixing

Entropy generation analysis for peristalsis of nanofluid with temperature dependent viscosity and Hall effects

Analytical Solution of Lift for Thin Film Flow for Phan Thien Tanner Fluid

Analysis on the upwind local radial basis functions method to solve convection dominated problems and it’s application for MHD flow

Change in viscosity of Maxwell fluid flow due to thermal and solutal stratifications

Melting Flow in Wire Coating of a Third Grade Fluid over a Die Using Reynolds’ and Vogel’s Models with Non-Linear Thermal Radiation and Joule Heating

MHD and heat transfer analyses of a fluid flow through scraped surface heat exchanger by analytical solver

Analysis of MHD and heat transfer effects with variable viscosity through ductus efferentes

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