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A robust Multi Verse Optimized fuzzy aided tilt Controller for AGC of hybrid Power System

Evaluation Of a New Reconstruction Technique for Dual-Energy (DECT) Lung Perfusion: Preliminary Experience In 58 Patients.

A practical guide to estimating the light extinction coefficient with nonlinear models—a case study on maize

The classification of Parauapebas Meteorite: Petrological, mineralogical and elemental compositions and physical properties

Multi-Technique Investigation of a Biomimetic Insect Tarsal Adhesive Fluid

The Top 100 Most Cited Articles on Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Bibliometric Analysis

Machine learning applications in minerals processing: A review

Variational Iteration Algorithm-I with an Auxiliary Parameter for Solving Fokker-Planck Equation

Contrast-enhanced echocardiographic measurement of longitudinal strain: accuracy and its relationship with image quality

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The application value of three-dimensional echocardiographic automated quantification technique for assessing left heart chamber volumes and function

A Comparative Study of Hand Gestures Recognition Based on MobileNetV2 and ConvNet Models

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