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Sustainability Transformation sentence examples within Urban Sustainability Transformation

Cultural Heritage, Sustainable Development, and Climate Policy: Comparing the UNESCO World Heritage Cities of Potsdam and Bern

Prevention schemes for future pandemic cases: mathematical model and experience of interurban multi-agent COVID-19 epidemic prevention

Sustainability Transformation sentence examples within Stewarding Sustainability Transformation

A Living Systems Perspective for Stewarding Sustainability Transformations

A Conceptual Architecture for Stewarding Sustainability Transformations

Sustainability Transformation sentence examples within Toward Sustainability Transformation

Repair is care? - Dimensions of care within collaborative practices in repair cafes

Risk frames and multiple ways of knowing: Coping with ambiguity in oil spill risk governance in the Norwegian Barents Sea

Sustainability Transformation sentence examples within Guide Sustainability Transformation

Necessary or oversimplification? On the strengths and limitations of current assessments to integrate social dimensions in planetary boundaries

Sustainability Evaluation of Textile Warehouses from Social and Environmental Perspective

Sustainability Transformation sentence examples within Global Sustainability Transformation

Operationalizing Human Agency in World-Earth System Models

Localizing the indigenous environmental steward norm: The making of conservation and territorial rights in Peru

Sustainability Transformation sentence examples within Regional Sustainability Transformation

Sustainability Transfer as a Concept for Universities in Regional Transformation—A Case Study

Sustainability in Brandenburg Study Programs. Perspectives for Anchoring Sustainability in Higher Education Curricula

Transdisciplinary co-production of knowledge and sustainability transformations: Three generic mechanisms of impact generation

New pathways for governing food system transformations: a pluralistic practice-based futures approach using visioning, back-casting, and serious gaming

Сталий університет: модель системної інтеграції принципів сталого розвитку в усі сфери діяльності

Values in transformational sustainability science: four perspectives for change

Proving the world more imaginary?

Can Pay-As-You-Go, Digitally Enabled Business Models Support Sustainability Transformations in Developing Countries? Outstanding Questions and a Theoretical Basis for Future Research

Religious Organizations Bringing Sustainability Closer to Reality: Academic Contributions to Environmental Sustainability and Climate Resilience that Can Help Faith Leaders Build Communities that Are Environmentally, Socially and Economically Sustainable: Part 1—A Literature Review

Socio-technical transitions to sustainability: a review of criticisms and elaborations of the Multi-Level Perspective

ART FOR CHANGE: Transformative learning and youth empowerment in a changing climate

Introduction and Context: The State of the World

The Framing of Urban Sustainability Transformations

Learning to collaborate while collaborating: advancing interdisciplinary sustainability research

Loving the mess: navigating diversity and conflict in social values for sustainability

Just Transformations to Sustainability

Reflecting trends in the academic landscape of sustainable energy using probabilistic topic modeling

Stewarding Sustainability Transformations in Multi-stakeholder Collaboration

China’s Agricultural Irrigation and Water Conservancy Projects: A Policy Synthesis and Discussion of Emerging Issues

Pathways to Impact of Transdisciplinary Research: The Role of Contexts, Goals, and Epistemological Assumptions

Stories of Transformation: A Cross-Country Focus Group Study on Sustainable Development and Societal Change

The inner dimension of sustainability transformation: how sense of place and values can support sustainable place-shaping

Forces opposing sustainability transformations: institutionalization of ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management

Exploring Group Solidarity for Insights into Qualities of T-learning

Global appropriation of resources causes high international material inequality – Growth is not the solution

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Sustainability Transformation サステナビリティの変革
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