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Structures Used sentence examples within finite element method

Post-buckling of bamboo reinforced composite plates

Effective Young’s Modulus of Complex Three Dimensional Multilayered Ti/Au Micro-Cantilevers Fabricated by Electrodeposition and the Temperature Dependency

Structures Used sentence examples within Datum Structures Used

Sketching Persistence Diagrams

The Value of Planning for Infinite-Horizon Model Predictive Control

Structures Used sentence examples within Composite Structures Used

Modeling and Imaging of Ultrasonic Array Inspection of Side Drilled Holes in Layered Anisotropic Media

Recent developments on the overmolding process for the fabrication of thermoset and thermoplastic composites by the integration of nano/micron-scale reinforcements

Structures Used sentence examples within Porou Structures Used

Structural and Material Determinants Influencing the Behavior of Porous Ti and Its Alloys Made by Additive Manufacturing Techniques for Biomedical Applications

Computational Studies of Porous Head Protection Structures for Human Cranium under Impact Loading

Structures Used sentence examples within Metal Structures Used



Structures Used sentence examples within Steel Structures Used

Influence of silicon on the corrosion behavior of Al–Zn–In sacrificial anode

Optimization of Reduced Beam Sections (RBS) for Ductile Detailing of Seismic Joint Connections Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Structures Used sentence examples within Support Structures Used

Concrete Support Structures for Offshore Wind Turbines: Current Status, Challenges, and Future Trends

Numerical investigation into cleanability of support structures produced by powder bed fusion technology

Structures Used sentence examples within Hydraulic Structures Used

Experimental investigation of flow characteristics over asymmetric Joukowsky hydrofoil weirs for free and submerged flow

Three-Dimensional Flow of a Vortex Drop Shaft Spillway with an Elliptical Tangential Inlet

Structures Used sentence examples within Narrative Structures Used

«Strong Curtains» and «Dramatic Punches»: The Legacy of Playwriting in the Screenwriting Manuals of the Studio Era

We are not the same people we used to be: An exploration of family biographical narratives and identity change following traumatic brain injury

Structures Used sentence examples within Pavement Structures Used

Investigation of the Impact of Tire Configurations on Different Pavement Structures Using Finite Element Analysis

Pavement Design in the USA

Structures Used sentence examples within Anatomical Structures Used

Automatically Delineating Key Anatomy in 3-D Ultrasound Volumes for Hip Dysplasia Screening.

Independent Lung Ventilation-Experimental Studies on a 3D Printed Respiratory Tract Model

Structures Used sentence examples within Flexible Structures Used

Positioning automation when assembling panel structures

Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Hydrodynamic Characteristics, Twine Deformation, and Flow Field Around the Netting Structure Composed of Two Types of Twine Materials for Midwater Trawls

Structures Used sentence examples within Hybrid Structures Used

Investigations on the Effect of Sheets Positioning in Advancing & Retreating Side for Dissimilar FSW of DH36 Steel and Aluminum Alloy 6061

Assessing mechanical properties of single-layer B-doped C3N and N-doped BC3 nanosheets and their hybrid

Structures Used sentence examples within Control Structures Used


Non-contact monitoring of the tension in partially submerged, miter-gate diagonals

Structures Used sentence examples within Green Structures Used

Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Enhance the SDGs Through the Utilization of Digital Techniques in Scenic Design

Sustainable Consumption and Enhanced SDGs Utilizing Digital Techniques in Scenic Design

Structures Used sentence examples within structures used within

Integration, exploration, and analysis of high-dimensional single-cell cytometry data using Spectre.

Study on the microstructural and hardness variations of unsupported overhangs fabricated using selective laser melting

Comparative study of EB-PVD gadolinium-zirconate and yttria-rich zirconia coatings performance against Fe-containing calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate (CMAS) infiltration


Effect of moisture absorption on the mechanical properties of jute/glass hybrid sandwich composites

Internal and external auditors responsibilities and relationships with audit committees in two English public sector settings

Nanostructures in gene delivery

Contributions to the design of precast concrete culverts with unusual cross sections

Stability of cubic phase and curvature tuning in the lyotropic system of branched chain galactose-based glycolipid by amphiphilic additives

Reprint of: A MACEing silicon: Towards single-step etching of defined porous nanostructures for biomedicine

Fatigue life estimation of pre-corroded 42CrMo4 subjected to accelerated pitting corrosion method

Materials and structures engineering of sun-light absorbers for efficient direct solar steam generation

Electrohydrodynamic Processing of PVP-Doped Kraft Lignin Micro- and Nano-Structures and Application of Electrospun Nanofiber Templates to Produce Oleogels

Determination of common features and classification of fitting stops for flat cars

Investigation of Size Evolution of Silver Nanoparticle and Its Use in Medical Field

A MACEing silicon: Towards single-step etching of defined porous nanostructures for biomedicine

Age-Effective Information Updating Over Intermittently Connected MANETs

On the Methods for Assessing the Resistance of Steels to Brittle Fracture

Learning the Relevant Substructures for Tasks on Graph Data

Novel Disk Diffusion Assay on Magnesium Oxalate Agar To Evaluate the Susceptibility of Yersinia pestis to Type III Secretion System Inhibitors

Prediction of Co and Ru Nanocluster Morphology on 2D MoS2 from Interaction Energies

Achievements, challenges, and developing directions of bio-inspired self-repairing technology

Strategies of confining green tea catechin compounds in nano-biopolymeric matrices: A review.

Optimalisasi Penggunaan Bahan Peledak dan Penggunaan Delay Berdasarkan Baku Tingkat Getaran Tanah di PT Chunur Jabal Nur (CJN), Desa Batujajar Timur, Kecamatan Batujajar, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Provinsi Jawa Barat.

Parametric Design and Comfort Optimization of Dynamic Shading Structures

‘Maybe complicated is a better word’: Second-language English graduate student responses to syntactic complexity in a genre-based academic writing course

On the nonlocal bending problem with fractional hereditariness

A VRP Model to Support Last Mile Maritime Containers

High-frequency electrical circuit model for integrated capacitors utilizing lossy nanostructures

Controlling the movements of E. faecalis bacteria that carry a negative electric charge with an electric field

Emprego de inserts em silos metálicos: revisão sobre o padrão de fluxo dos produtos e distribuição das cargas na estrutura

An analysis of leaky hybrid modes depending on structural parameters in a circular dielectric rod

Theoretical examination of thermo-migration in novel platinum microheaters

Dynamic wave propagation in micro-torus structures: Implementing a 3D physically realistic theory

Applications of novel quantum dots derived from layered materials in cancer cell imaging

Designing a downsized quadrature directional coupler

Using a Personal Health Library–Enabled mHealth Recommender System for Self-Management of Diabetes Among Underserved Populations: Use Case for Knowledge Graphs and Linked Data

Polish Internet Language – Selected Forms

Effect of packing density on maximum stretch ratio of stretchable wavy circuit

Naturelike Materials and Structures in Mechanical Engineering

Design specifications for the time-dependent behaviour of composite steel-concrete structures

Architectural Interventions Conducted in Yıldız Palace During the Second Constitutional Period (1909-1914)

Integration of Eco-DRR and hybrid defense system on mitigation of natural disasters (Tsunami and Coastal Flooding): a review


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