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Teaching Data Structures through Group Based Collaborative Peer Interactions

Аналіз інформаційних технологій керування проектними даними

Photoinduced reorientation in thin films of nematic liquid crystalline polymer anchored to interfaces and enhancement using small liquid crystalline molecules.

An efficient numerical model for hydrodynamic added mass of immersed column with arbitrary cross - Section

Elastic and viscoelastic foundations: a review on linear and nonlinear vibration modeling and applications

A comparative study of different electrodeposited NiCo2O4 microspheres anchored on a reduced graphene oxide platform: electrochemical sensor for anti-depressant drug venlafaxine

Infiltration growth processing of bulk mixed REBa2Cu3O7-x superconductors: nano-metal oxides and rare earth elements effects on microstructural properties

Seismic response evaluation of structures on improved liquefiable soil

An innovative nucleic acid based biosensor toward detection of Legionella pneumophila using DNA immobilization and hybridization: A novel genosensor

Glassy carbon microelectrodes minimize induced voltages, mechanical vibrations, and artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging

Adsorption and photodegradation efficiency of TiO2/Fe2O3/PAC and TiO2/Fe2O3/zeolite nanophotocatalysts for the removal of cyanide

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Structures Supported サポートされる構造
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