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Structures Subject sentence examples within fiber hinged rod

Nonlinear Analysis Method of High-Strength Steel Based on Local Buckling Fiber Hinge

Structures Subject sentence examples within Concrete Structures Subject

Thermal conductivity and shrinkage properties of slag-based cement concretes

Experimental and numerical studies of tubular concrete structures subjected to blast loading

Structures Subject sentence examples within Engineering Structures Subject

Propagation of nonlinear waves in graded flexible metamaterials

Uncertainty analysis of a shape memory alloy model for dynamic analysis

Structures Subject sentence examples within Rc Structures Subject

Effect of Bay Spacing on Design Parameters of RC Structures Subjected to Lateral Loads

Seismic Behavior and Damping Efficiency of Reinforced Rubberized Concrete Jacketing

Structures Subject sentence examples within Composite Structures Subject

Multi-fidelity probabilistic optimisation of composite structures under thermomechanical loading using Gaussian processes

Large-Scale Three-Dimensional Anisotropic Topology Optimization of Variable-Axial Lightweight Composite Structures

Structures Subject sentence examples within Steel Structures Subject

Mixed Analysis of the Flipped Classroom in the Concrete and Steel Structures Subject in the Context of COVID-19 Crisis Outbreak. A Pilot Study

Non-collocated methods to infer deformation in steel structures: The magnetomechanical effect in cylindrical structures subjected to impact loads

Structures Subject sentence examples within Offshore Structures Subject

Reducing uncertainty in time domain fatigue analysis of offshore structures using control variates

Damage detection for offshore structures using long and short-term memory networks and random decrement technique

Structures Subject sentence examples within Masonry Structures Subject

A simplified non-linear modelling strategy to generate fragility curves for old masonry buildings

A rigid block model with no-tension elastic contacts for displacement-based assessment of historic masonry structures subjected to settlements

Structures Subject sentence examples within Underground Structures Subject

Enhanced Simplified Method for Pseudostatic Analysis of Seismic Internal Forces in Rectangular Underground Structures

A resilient column with angular friction damper for seismic performance upgrading of underground structures

Structures Subject sentence examples within Marine Structures Subject

Vibration control of network-based offshore structures subject to earthquakes

Long-term extreme buffeting response of cable-supported bridges with uncertain turbulence parameters

Structures Subject sentence examples within Spatial Structures Subject

Nonlinear Analysis Method of High-Strength Steel Based on Local Buckling Fiber Hinge

Progressive collapse resistance of single-layer latticed domes subjected to non-uniform snow loads

Structures Subject sentence examples within Complex Structures Subject

Vibration of a cryomodule’s coupler during road transportation: Multibody analysis and experimental validation

Arabidopsis cell wall composition determines disease resistance specificity and fitness

Structures Subject sentence examples within Plate Structures Subject

The ISSC 2022 committee III.1-Ultimate strength benchmark study on the ultimate limit state analysis of a stiffened plate structure subjected to uniaxial compressive loads

Deformation characteristics of functionally graded bio-composite plate using higher-order shear deformation kinematics

Structures Subject sentence examples within Sandwich Structures Subject

Resistance of all-metallic honeycomb sandwich structures to underwater explosion shock

Residual compression property and response of honeycomb sandwich structures subjected to single and repeated quasi-static indentation

Structures Subject sentence examples within Trus Structures Subject

Shakedown analysis of trusses under cyclic thermal load with temperature-dependent yield stress

Parameter free Jaya algorithm for truss sizing-layout optimization under natural frequency constraints

Structures Subject sentence examples within Isolated Structures Subject


Evaluation of the collapse mode of isolated structures subjected to multi-directional dynamic coupling excitation based on reliability theory

Structures Subject sentence examples within Beam Structures Subject

Experimental setup for the evaluation of large displacements in the inflected beams sustained to ground

Dynamic characteristics of Mn-Cu high damping alloy subjected to impact load

Structures Subject sentence examples within Freedom Structures Subject

Response control of adjoining structures interconnected with Lead damper

Design and performance evaluation of inerter-based tuned mass dampers for a ground acceleration excited structure

Structures Subject sentence examples within Lattice Structures Subject

Design optimization of lattice structures with stress constraints

Effect of Octet-Truss Lattice Transition Geometries on Mechanical Properties

Structures Subject sentence examples within Nonlinear Structures Subject

Dynamic reliability assessment of nonlinear structures using extreme value distribution based on L-moments

An approach to evaluation of EVD and small failure probabilities of uncertain nonlinear structures under stochastic seismic excitations

Structures Subject sentence examples within Building Structures Subject

Parametric study of the bending stiffness of RC cracked building beams

Stable bilateral teleoperation with phase transition and haptic feedback

Structures Subject sentence examples within Rise Structures Subject

Energy absorption and inelasticity distribution mechanisms in steel moment frames affected by mainshock-aftershock sequences

Experimental study on hysteric behavior of composite shear walls with steel sheets

Structures Subject sentence examples within Plane Structures Subject

Topology optimization and geometric nonlinear modeling using positional finite elements

Elasticity solutions for nano-plane structures under body forces using lattice elasticity, continualised nonlocal model and Eringen nonlocal model

Structures Subject sentence examples within Protective Structures Subject

Constitutive modelling of UHPCC material under impact and blast loadings

Compressive behavior of selective laser melting printed Gyroid structures under dynamic loading

Structures Subject sentence examples within Wall Structures Subject

Fragility Comprehensive Assessment of Low-Rise Cold-Formed Steel Framed Wall Structure Subjected to Wind Load

Numerical simulation of reinforced concrete shear walls using force-based fiber element method: effect of damping type and damping ratio

Structures Subject sentence examples within Civil Structures Subject

Health assessment of dams under various environmental conditions using structural health monitoring techniques: a state-of-art review

Research developments in adaptive intelligent vibration control of smart civil structures

Structures Subject sentence examples within Periodic Structures Subject

A new time-delayed periodic boundary condition for discrete element modelling of railway track under moving wheel loads

A multi-scale model order reduction scheme for transient modelling of periodic structures

Structures Subject sentence examples within Mechanical Structures Subject

Synthetic Image Generation Using the Finite Element Method and Blender Graphics Program for Modeling of Vision-Based Measurement Systems

Investigation of Multi-layered Fire Doors with Gypsum Layer Exposed to Fire

Structures Subject sentence examples within Framed Structures Subject

Effect of transient creep on fire induced instability in steel framed structures

Development of analytical model of nonlinear stiffness bracing system for structures subjected to dynamic load

System Proposal for Integrating Quality Control Data of Components of the Brazilian Oil and Gas Industry

Comparison of Analysis and Design of Regular and Irregular Configuration of Multi Story Building in Seismic Zones

Two-scale shape optimisation based on numerical homogenisation techniques and variational sensitivity analysis

Seismic behaviour of multi-storey gravity-controlled rocking braced-frame buildings including floor vertical response

Topological derivative-based topology optimization of structures subject to self-weight loading

Nonlinear numerical assessment of the seismic response of hillside RC buildings

Numerical Progressive Collapse Analysis of RC Framed Structures


Optimal design of nonlinear energy sinks for mitigation of seismic response on structural systems

In Plane Radial Vibration of Uncracked and Cracked Circular Curved Beams Subjected to Moving Loads

Parametric Study of Fatigue Crack Growth in a Finite Plate

Benchmark Finite Element Calculations for ASCET Phase III on a Reinforced-Concrete Shear Wall Affected by Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

Investigating the Pull-out Capacity of a Horizontal Plate Anchor Embedded in Sandy Soil

Performance of utility tunnels under gas explosion loads

Probabilistic Prediction of Failure in Columns of a Steel Structure Under Progressive Collapse Using Response Surface and Artificial Neural Network Methods

Assessment of load capacity of piles and conclusion of a new criterion using static load tests


Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Lightweight Concrete with Pumice Aggregate

Ultrasonic Processing of Si and SiGe for Photovoltaic Applications

Numerical analysis of underground tunnels subjected to surface blast loads

Rehabilitation of substandard beam-column joint using geopolymer

Effect of uniform temperature load on design of long reinforced concrete structures without expansion joints

The impact of percentage content of basalt fiber-reinforced polymer and steel reinforcement on the strength indicators of experimental beams with hybrid reinforcement

Evaluation of steel building structures with inerter-based dampers under seismic loading

Seismic performance evaluation of crumb rubber concrete frame structure using shake table test

Thermo-mechanical dynamics of two-dimensional FG microbeam subjected to a moving harmonic load

Estimation of integral length scales across the neutral atmospheric boundary layer depth: A Large Eddy Simulation study

Sintering of conductive inks on plastic substrates by use of microwave furnaces being suitable for largescale production processes

A direct approach to progressive buckling design considering ratcheting deformation

Dynamic behavior of microcapsule-based self-healing concrete subjected to impact loading

Numerical Analysis of Steel Geodesic Dome under Seismic Excitations

Improved analysis method for structural members subjected to blast loads considering strain hardening and softening effects

Experimental study on the tension and puncture behavior of spray polyurea at high strain rates

Seismic Drift Demands

A new method to obtain the dynamic tensile stress-strain curve of rocks

Comparative Seismic Analysis of Conical and Pyramidal Frustum Shaped Commercial Building (G+6) at Janakpuri, Delhi

Prevention of low-cycle fatigue damage using adaptive control approach and magnetorheological dampers

Comparison of Magnetorheological Damper Models through Parametric Uncertainty Analysis Using Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation

Computational study of the Effect of Structural Viscoelasticity on two-dimensional Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems

Adiabatic kinetics of phase transformation in shape memory TiNi alloy subjected to shock loading

Biogenic sulfur attack in a reinforced concrete sewage treatment plant. Re-visited mechanism and rehabilitation proposal

PolyDyna: a Matlab implementation for topology optimization of structures subjected to dynamic loads

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