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Taxonomically informed scoring enhances confidence in natural products annotation

Taxonomically Informed Scoring Enhances Confidence in Natural Products Annotation

HST/STIS analysis of the first main sequence pulsar CU Vir.

The challenges of tuberculosis control in protracted conflict: the case of Syria.

Determination of the particle load based on detailed suspended sediment measurements at a hydropower plant

Electrostatic Interaction of Point Charges in Three-Layer Structures: The Classical Model

Performance Evaluation of Constructed Bench Terraces in Southern Zone of Tigray Region

Constructive Interfacial Charge Carrier Separation of a p-CaFe2O4@n-ZnFe2O4 Heterojunction Architect Photocatalyst toward Photodegradation of Antibiotics.

Magnetic field control of current through model graphene nanosheets

Kinetic Evolution in Metal-Dependent Self-Assembly of Peptide-Terpyridine Conjugates.

Advanced Manufacturing under Impact / Shock Loading: Principles and Industrial Sustainable Applications

One Spot—Two Sensors: Porous Silicon Interferometers in Combination With Gold Nanostructures Showing Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance

Designing bioinspired coral-like structures using a templateless electropolymerization approach with a high water content

An algorithm inspired by bee colonies coupled to an adaptive penalty method for truss structural optimization problems

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