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Structures Induced sentence examples within Flow Structures Induced

A CFD study of particle deposition in three-dimensional heat exchange channel based on an improved deposition model

A parallel unstructured mesh model for simulations of stratified flows

Structures Induced sentence examples within Vortex Structures Induced

Investigations on vortex structures for undulating fin propulsion using phase-locked digital particle image velocimetry

Characteristics of mixing enhancement achieved using a pulsed plasma synthetic jet in a supersonic flow

Structures Induced sentence examples within Offshore Structures Induced

Breaking Wave Hazard Estimation Model for the U.S. Atlantic Coast

Analysis of Offshore Structures Based on Response Spectrum of Ice Force

Structures Induced sentence examples within Electronic Structures Induced

Manipulating Berry curvature of SrRuO3 thin films via epitaxial strain

Insight into chalcogenolate-bound {Fe(NO)2}9 dinitrosyl iron complexes (DNICs): covalent character versus ionic character.

Structures Induced sentence examples within Community Structures Induced

Cooperation among phosphate-solubilizing bacteria, humic acids and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi induces soil microbiome shifts and enhances plant nutrient uptake

Effects of bioturbation by tubificid worms on biogeochemical processes, bacterial community structure and diversity in heterotrophic wetland sediments.

Structures Induced sentence examples within Topological Structures Induced

Topological structures induced by L-fuzzifying approximation operators

(1909-5496) Topological structures induced by L-fuzzifying approximation operators

Structures Induced sentence examples within Local Structures Induced

Graph Matching via Multi-Scale Heat Diffusion

Semi-supervised distributed representations of documents for sentiment analysis

Structures Induced sentence examples within Coherent Structures Induced

A numerical and experimental study of local hydrodynamics due to interactions between a solitary wave and an impervious structure

Large eddy simulation and experimental study of turbulent mixed convection inside a cavity with large Rayleigh number: Effect of buoyancy

Structures Induced sentence examples within Vortical Structures Induced

Numerical investigation of the effect of rotation on non-premixed hydrogen combustion in developing turbulent mixing layers

On the prediction capabilities of two SGS models for large-eddy simulations of turbulent incompressible wall-bounded flows in OpenFOAM

Structures Induced sentence examples within Membrane Structures Induced

Human myelin protein P2: From crystallography to time-lapse membrane imaging and neuropathy-associated variants.

Study on bagging effect and rupture failure of membrane structures

Structures Induced sentence examples within Ripk2 Structures Induced

14-3-3 and erlin proteins differentially interact with RIPK2 complexes.

14-3-3 and Erlin proteins differentially interact with RIPK2 complexes.

Effect of image acquisition and processing parameters on the estimation of crowd-induced dynamic loading on stadium grandstands

Diffusivity of cement paste via a continuum-based microstructure and hydration model: Influence of cement grain shape

A Unified Thermodynamic Model of Flow-induced Crystallization of Polymer

Guided-mode waves structure of electric and magnetic dipole resonances in a metamaterial slab.

Theoretical Derivation and Parameters Analysis of a Human-Structure Interaction System with the Bipedal Walking Model

Analysis of As-Built Microstructures and Recrystallization Phenomena on Inconel 625 Alloy Obtained via Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF)

An Evaluation of the Influence of Forward Slip on the Corrosion Behavior of Aluminum-Manganese Alloys

Editorial: Novel Smart Materials for Optical Fiber Sensor Development

Behavior of Electrodeposited Fe/FeSi Composite in a Static Parallel Magnetic Field

Action Grammars: A Cognitive Model for Learning Temporal Abstractions

Biomimetic Anti-Adhesive Surface Microstructures on Electrosurgical Blade Fabricated by Long-Pulse Laser Inspired by Pangolin Scales

Controllable micro-/nanostructures on titanium surface induced by femtosecond laser for underwater air bubble manipulation

Model-Independent Observation of Exotic Contributions to B^{0}→J/ψK^{+}π^{-} Decays.

Rigid double-stranded siloxane-induced high-flux carbon molecular sieve hollow fiber membranes for CO2/CH4 separation

Band structure manipulated by high pressure-assisted Te doping realizing improvement in thermoelectric performance of BiCuSeO system

Self-assembled three-dimensional periodic micro-nano structures in bulk quartz crystal induced by femtosecond laser pulses.

The temporal requirements of directly observing self-gravitating spiral waves in protoplanetary discs with ALMA

Femtosecond laser induced surface nanostructures on SrTiO3

Triboelectric performances of self-powered, ultra-flexible and large-area poly(dimethylsiloxane)/Ag-coated chinlon composites with a sandpaper-assisted surface microstructure

A deterministic approach for assessing tsunami-induced building damage through quantification of hydrodynamic forces

Modulation of β-amyloid aggregation by graphene quantum dots

Hydraulic‐Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated Granite‐Weathered Residual Soil in Korea

Graphene/h-BN heterostructures under pressure: From van der Waals to covalent

Exploration of phase structure evolution induced by alloying elements in Ti alloys via a chemical-short-range-order cluster model

Data-Driven Synchronization Analysis of a Bouncing Crowd

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