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Durability of Epoxy Adhesives and Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Laminates Used in Strengthening Systems: Accelerated Ageing versus Natural Ageing

Novel Nano-Precursor Inhibiting Material for Improving Chloride Penetration Resistance of Concrete: Evaluation and Mechanism

Structures Exposed sentence examples within Steel Structures Exposed

Seismic performance of steel columns corroded in general atmosphere

The evaluation of the fire-retardant efficiency of intumescent coatings of steel structures exposed to high-temperature gas flows

Structures Exposed sentence examples within Tubular Structures Exposed

Axial crushing behaviour of Kevlar polymer composite tubular structures under quasi-static compression

Review on Factors Governing Stress Concentration Factor at Tubular Joints

Structures Exposed sentence examples within Building Structures Exposed

Time-temperature resistance of transverse stressed lap joints of glued spruce and thermal analysis of adhesives

Determination of carbonation degree of existing reinforced concrete structures and their restoration

Structures Exposed sentence examples within Marine Structures Exposed

Development of simplified method for prediction of structural response of stiffened plates under explosion loads

Laboratory Study of the Helical Piles Behavior Under Reciprocal Loading Via Frustum Confining Vessel (AUT-FCV)

Structures Exposed sentence examples within Critical Structures Exposed

Observation of the Absence of Ulnar Artery in a Patient Planned to Free Dorsoulnar Artery Perforator Flap for Finger Defect: Is Preoperative Doppler evaluation of Perforator Alone Sufficient?

Distal Digital Nerve Repair Using Nerve Allograft With a Dermal Substitute: A Case Report

Structures Exposed sentence examples within Engineering Structures Exposed

Fatigue assessment of welded joints at sub-zero temperatures by means of stress averaging approach

Using “Focusing to a Point” Algorithm for Reference-Free Measurement of the Speed of Ultrasound in Tomography of Concrete Engineering Structures

Structures Exposed sentence examples within Timber Structures Exposed

Corrosion-resistant epoxy coating for protection of structural glued-laminated timber in high humidity conditions

Experimental and numerical analysis on the effectiveness of GFRP wrapping system on timber pile rehabilitation

Consequence of drying on the compression behaviour of soft clay

Blast Loading and Its Effects on Building

Inelastic displacement demand of RC buildings subjected to earthquakes generated by intermediate-depth Vrancea seismic source

The effect of pozzolanic mineral additives on the strength and durability properties of structural lightweight concrete

Seismic response comparison of steel MRFs with yielding and low-damage connections

Beyond Fowler–Nordheim model: harmonic generation from metallic nano-structures

Chloride diffusion models for Type I and fly ash cement concrete exposed to field and laboratory conditions

Betonarme Taşıyıcı Sistemlerin Depreme Dayanıklı Tasarımında Uyumlu Perde-Çerçeve Davranışı için Minimum Perde Oranının Belirlenmesi

Resilient connection for accelerated bridge constructions

Spatial assessment of flow and benefit of tropical cyclone hazard mitigation service

Understanding frazil ice: The contribution of laboratory studies

A comparative literature review of the methodologies to evaluate risk of NaTech disasters and Critical Infrastructure affected by natural hazard

Time Scale of Chloride-Induced Corrosion on Circular Section RC Linked Accelerated Test to Natural Corrosion

Thermal stability and diffusion characteristics of ultrathin amorphous carbon films grown on crystalline and nitrogenated silicon substrates by filtered cathodic vacuum arc deposition

Anatomical Understanding of Vitapa Marma by Means of Cadaveric Dissection

Degradation of glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars in concrete environment

Mechanical properties and microstructure of directionally solidified Fe-4.25%C eutectic alloy

3D tomographic imaging of the Cayman Trough lithosphere: challenges, ongoing work and first results

A quick method to expose the structures and relations of the middle ear and inner ear by cadaveric dissection.

Nanotechnologies for concrete and composed structures for seismic safety

Torsional effect of relation between mass and stiffness center locations and diaphragm characteristics in RC structures

Reinforced concrete corrosion prevention/reduction by hydrophobic impregnation

Archean diapirism recorded by vertical sheath folds in the core of the Yalgoo Dome, Yilgarn Craton

Plasma-enabled healing of graphene nano-platelets layer

Nanometer-Scale Surface Structure and Sterilization Characteristics of Na/Ag Ion-Exchanged Glass for Anti-Biofouling Application.

A modified approach for semi-quantitative estimation of physical vulnerability of buildings exposed to different landslide intensity scenarios

Durability and microstructural properties of lightweight concrete manufactured with fly ash cenosphere and sintered fly ash aggregate

Оригиналы операционных изображений для обобщенных задач нестационарной теплопроводности

How Asymmetric Initial Imperfections in Shape Affect Free Oscillations of Thin Shells

Computational analysis of thermal and structural failure criteria of a multi-storey steel frame exposed to fire

Fragility analysis of R.C. seismically-isolated structures with residual mechanical properties after fire exposure

Review on microbial induced calcite precipitation mechanisms leading to bacterial selection for microbial concrete

On Splitting of Bending Frequency Spectrum of Geometrically Imperfect Shells

The submarine landscape of the ‘Jurassic Coast’ World Heritage Site, Dorset, UK and its Setting

Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Semi-Active Structural Vibration Control

Analysis of efficiency of passive dampers in multistorey buildings

Cyber Reliability, Resilience, and Safety of Physical Infrastructures

Shear strengthening of reinforced concrete beams with PBO-FRCM composites with anchorage

Magnetic properties and spin-orbit-torque-induced magnetization switching in Ta/MnGa grown on Cr and NiAl buffer layers

Assessment of wood utility poles’ deterioration through natural frequency measurements

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