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Band-structure engineering of the magnetically Cr-doped topological insulator Sb2Te3 under mechanical strain.

A study of strain-induced indirect-direct bandgap transition for silicon nanowire applications

Effect of heat treatment on mechanical properties and microstructure evolution of Mg-9.5Gd-4Y-2.2Zn-0.5Zr alloy

The Effects of Additional Two Bendings on Manufacturing Thin-walled Tube made of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Fabricated by New Compound Extrusion

Crystallization and phase separation of tungsten oxide-bismuth vanadate amorphous film by annealing in air

Substrate Integrated Transmission Lines: Review and Applications

A physical-based unified constitutive model of AA7075 for a novel hot forming condition with pre-cooling

Phase transformation assisted twinning in a face-centered-cubic FeCrNiCoAl0.36 high entropy alloy

Effect of Aging Treatment on Intergranular Corrosion Properties of Ultra-Low Iron 625 Alloy

Accelerated carbonation of hardened cement pastes: Influence of porosity

Microstructural evolution of alumina coatings by a novel long laminar plasma spraying method

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Microstructure Evolution of TiB2/7075 Composites in Semi-Solid State near Liquids within Holding Time

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