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Structures Caused sentence examples within soft sediment deformation

What controls the remobilization and deformation of surficial sediment by seismic shaking? Linking lacustrine slope stratigraphy to great earthquakes in South–Central Chile

Structures Caused sentence examples within Concrete Structures Caused

Evaluation of the Effect of Explosion on the Concrete Bridge Deck Using LS-DYNA

Quantitative determination of corrosion status of rebar by electrochemical parameters

Structures Caused sentence examples within Network Structures Caused

Regulation of Structure and Quality of Dried Noodles by Liquid Pre-Fermentation

Effects of soybean protein isolate − polyphenol conjugate formation on the protein structure and emulsifying properties: Protein − polyphenol emulsification performance in the presence of chitosan

Structures Caused sentence examples within Defect Structures Caused

Phase transformations, microstructural refinement and defect evolution mechanisms in Al-Si alloys under non-hydrostatic diamond anvil cell compression

Composition dependence of the ultraviolet absorption edge in lithium tantalate films

Structures Caused sentence examples within Pore Structures Caused

In Situ Stress Distribution and Its Control on the Coalbed Methane Reservoir Permeability in Liulin Area, Eastern Ordos Basin, China

A saturation evaluation method in tight gas sandstones based on diagenetic facies

Structures Caused sentence examples within Protein Structures Caused

Protein modeling to assess the pathogenicity of rare variants of SERPINA1 in patients suspected of having Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

Platinum–gold nanoraspberries as effective photosensitizer in anticancer photothermal therapy

Structures Caused sentence examples within Anatomical Structures Caused

Oblique lateral interbody fusion to treat lumbar spinal stenosis in a patient with situs inversus totalis: a case report

Symptoms Suggestive of Dysphagia and the Quality of Life in Cocaine and/or Crack Users

Structures Caused sentence examples within Frame Structures Caused

Experimental research on the progressive collapse resistance of concrete beam-column sub-assemblages reinforced with steel-FRP composite bar

Study on Seismic Resistance and Isolation Method of Concrete Frame Structure

Structures Caused sentence examples within Assembly Structures Caused

Cu2+ enhanced fluorescent Ag nanoclusters with tunable emission from red to yellow and the application for Ag+ sensing.

Dynamic characteristics of droplet impingement on carbon nanotube array surfaces with varying wettabilities

Stress relaxation in semipolar and nonpolar III-nitride heterostructures by formation of misfit dislocations of various origin

Analysis of correlation between real degradation data and a carbonation model for concrete structures

Geophysical and Geotechnical Site Characterization at Lagos Central Area of Lagos State, Nigeria

Characterization of Mechanical and Metallurgical Notch Effects of DP980 Steel Weld Joints in Fatigue Performance

Operational Modal Analysis of Rotating Machinery

Progressive Collapse Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Flat Plate Structures

A Statistical Study on the Properties of Dips Ahead of Dipolarization Fronts Observed by MMS

Bimetallic nanostructures on porous silicon with controllable surface plasmon resonance

Tuning P2-Structured Cathode Material by Na-Site Mg Substitution for Na-Ion Batteries.

Perfil clínico-funcional de niños que ingresan a un programa de rehabilitación oncológica en una ONG chilena

Uncertainty Modeling for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems––Loadings Applied in Time Domain

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