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“Who Needs Money if You Got Hands, if You Got Plants” Forming Community Resilience in Two Urban Gardening Networks in South Africa

Machine learning topological defects of confined liquid crystals in two dimensions.

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Literature review of modelling approaches for ASR in concrete: a new perspective

X-Ray CT inspection of subsurface areas of concretes exposed to fast flowing liquids

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Controlling luminescence and quenching mechanisms in subnanometer multilayer structure of europium titanium oxide thin films

Similarities and differences in the balances between leaf, xylem and phloem structures in Fraxinus ornus along an environmental gradient

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Entrepreneurial Apparel Design, Development and Production: An Embedded Socio-Economic Process

The knowledge-risk-behaviour continuum among young Ugandans: what it tells us about SRH/HIV integration

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Mechanistic Studies into the Oxidative Addition of Co(I) Complexes: Combining Electroanalytical Techniques with Parameterization.

Enhanced piezocatalytic, photocatalytic and piezo-/photocatalytic performance of diphasic Ba1−xCaxTiO3 nanowires near a solubility limit

Sensitivity of flood dynamics to different soil information sources in urbanized areas

Analytical and experimental investigation of cable–beam system dynamics

[Glaucoma Surgery in Anterior Segment Dysgeneses].

‘Bitch I’m back, by popular demand’: agency and structure in a study abroad setting

Nanostructured nickel phosphide as an efficient photocatalyst: Effect of phase on physical properties and dye degradation

Ocular vascular changes during pregnancy: an optical coherence tomography angiography study

Study of Use of Bitumen Fiber to Increase Flexural Strength of Concrete

Quantitative Evaluation of Four-Dimensional versus Three-Dimensional Reconstruction on XCAT Phantom Under Different Sampling Rates

Loss of function mutation of Eftud2, the gene responsible for mandibulofacial dysostosis with microcephaly (MFDM), leads to pre-implantation arrest in mouse

Stiffness and Membrane Anchor Density Modulate DNA-Nanospring-Induced Vesicle Tubulation.

Glaucoma Surgery in Anterior Segment Dysgeneses

Challenges of achieving better NVH performance for Chinese domestic brands

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Structures Affect 構造の影響
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