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Statistical Moments sentence examples within probability density function

Tempered Stable Ornstein–Uhlenbeck Model for River Discharge Time Series with Its Application to Dissolved Silicon Load Analysis

Analysis of wake velocities and pressure fluctuations in a bistable flow using Hilbert–Huang transform and wavelets

Statistical Moments sentence examples within cumulative distribution function

Uncertainty Representation of Natural Frequency for Laminated Composite Cylindrical Shells Considering Probabilistic and Interval Variables

An Efficient Uncertainty Propagation Analysis Method for Problems Involving Non-Parameterized Probability-Boxes

Statistical Moments sentence examples within Order Statistical Moments

3D Mueller Matrix Reconstruction of the Optical Anisotropy Parameters of Myocardial Histopathology Tissue Samples

Neural Networks for the Estimation of Low-Order Statistical Moments of a Stochastic Dielectric

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Evolution of waves in a horizontal pipe propagating on a surface of a liquid film sheared by gas

Molecular Conformation in Charge Tunneling across Large-Area Junctions.

Statistical Moments sentence examples within Fmy Statistical Moments

Self-supervising Action Recognition by Statistical Moment and Subspace Descriptors

Uncertainty Representation of Natural Frequency for Laminated Composite Cylindrical Shells Considering Probabilistic and Interval Variables

Statistical Moments sentence examples within Three Statistical Moments

New symmetry-induced scaling laws of passive scalar transport in turbulent plane jets

Decadal-scale variations in extreme precipitation and implications for seasonal scale drought

Statistical Moments sentence examples within Several Statistical Moments

A novel approach for reliability analysis with correlated variables based on the concepts of entropy and polynomial chaos expansion

Data driven robust optimization for handling uncertainty in supply chain planning models

Statistical Moments sentence examples within Provide Statistical Moments

Robust Trajectory Planning for Hypersonic Glide Vehicle with Parametric Uncertainties

System-Level Seismic Risk Assessment of Bridge Transportation Networks Employing Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

Statistical Moments sentence examples within Different Statistical Moments

Copepods in turbulence: laboratory velocity and acceleration studies using high speed cameras

Development and Evaluation of a Fluctuating Plume Model for Odor Impact Assessment

Statistical Moments sentence examples within Central Statistical Moments

Mean-field and full-field homogenization with polymorphic uncertain geometry and material parameters

A higher order statistical moment based approach for the distribution of eigenvalues of beams with variable cracked depth

Statistical Moments sentence examples within Two Statistical Moments

A single grain boundary parameter to characterize normal stress fluctuations in materials with elastic cubic grains

A metamodeling-based robust optimisation approach for structures subjected to random underground blast excitation

Statistical Moments sentence examples within Derived Statistical Moments

Echo State Network for two-dimensional turbulent moist Rayleigh-Bénard convection

Stochastic Modeling of Diffusivity and Constant-Rate Pumping Tests in Heterogeneous Aquifers in a Tomographic Setup and Its Application to Field Measurements

Statistical Moments sentence examples within statistical moments characterizing

Skewness and Kurtosis of the Surface Wave in the Coastal Zone of the Black Sea

Intelligent LED Certification System in Mass Production

Modelling of turbulent structure of plasma inhomogeneity according to decameter data transionospheric sensing

Picking up the hydrothermal whisper at Ischia Island in the Covid-19 lockdown quiet

Historical and Projected Shift in Agro-Climatic Zones and Associated Variations of Daily Temperature and Precipitation Extremes using CORDEX-SA over Pakistan

SPEAD 1.0 – Simulating Plankton Evolution with Adaptive Dynamics in a two-trait continuous fitness landscape applied to the Sargasso Sea

Application of the generalized multiscale finite element method in an inverse random source problem

Identification of Chaperone proteins by Integration of PseAAC and Statistical Moments

Statistical moments of the interspike intervals for a neuron model driven by trichotomous noise.

Experimental investigation of solute transport in variably saturated porous media using x-ray computed tomography

Frequency-Domain Analysis of Networked Control Systems Modeled by Markov Jump Linear Systems

Robust topology optimization for structures under bounded random loads and material uncertainties

Single and Multi-label Fault Classification in rotors from unprocessed multi-sensor data through deep and parallel CNN architectures

Biological profile of medical response in alcoholic patients of different ethnic groups in Siberia

Analytical Investigation into Error Propagation of Power Spectral Density Transmissibility (PSDT) based on Coherence Function

Analysis of Volcanic Thermohaline Fluctuations of Tagoro Submarine Volcano (El Hierro Island, Canary Islands, Spain)

Statistical Characteristics of Turbulence in an Urban Canyon

Stability Characteristics of a Turbulent Nonpremixed Conical Bluff Body Flame

Technical Theme Topics

iSUMOK-PseAAC: prediction of lysine sumoylation sites using statistical moments and Chou’s PseAAC

Compact formulation of the statistical moment method for the solution of the Fokker–Planck equation for two coupled macrospins

Coupled physical and magnetodynamic rotational diffusion of a single-domain ferromagnetic nanoparticle suspended in a liquid.

Quantum classical correspondence for the statistical moments of eigenfunctions in closed systems with chaotic dynamics

Discrete ordinates analysis of the forced-flight variance reduction technique in Monte Carlo neutral particle transport simulations

Peak-tracking algorithm for use in comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography - Application to monoclonal-antibody peptides.

A multi-fidelity integration rule for statistical moments and failure probability evaluations

A modified fluctuation test for elucidating drug resistance in microbial and cancer cells


An operational method for calculating the frequency fluctuations of a radio signal in a randomly inhomogeneous ionosphere

Observation of flow structure past a full-stage axial air turbine at the nominal and off-design states

A novel identification and tracking method of weather-relevant 3D Potential vorticity streamers

Implementation of a hybrid Lagrangian filtered density function–large eddy simulation methodology in a dynamic adaptive mesh refinement environment

Dispersion and turbulence: A close relationship unveiled by means of state function

A multi-state Markov chain model to assess drought risks in rainfed agriculture: a case study in the Nineveh Plains of Northern Iraq

Manifestation of surfactant films in underwater solar path images: numerical experiment.

Application of adaptive ANOVA and reduced basis methods to the stochastic Stokes-Brinkman problem

Estimation of Tissue Attenuation from Ultrasonic B-Mode Images—Spectral-Log-Difference and Method-of-Moments Algorithms Compared †

Statistical series for the ordered array approximation of random variable

Inferring gene regulatory networks from single-cell RNA-seq temporal snapshot data requires higher-order moments

Generalized Anisotropic Sparse Grid Integrals Based on Adaptive High Dimension Model Representation for Moment Estimation

The joint probability density function of mixture fraction, reaction progress variable, and total enthalpy in a stratified, swirl-stabilized turbulent flame

Investigation of wave-driven currents and statistical moments of irregular waves over a one dimensional horizontal fringing reef

An iterative equivalent linearization approach for stochastic sensitivity analysis of hysteretic systems under seismic excitations based on explicit time-domain method

Shear capacity distribution of reinforced concrete beams: An information theoretic entropy approach

Machine learning estimation of tissue optical properties

Hermite polynomial normal transformation for structural reliability analysis

Word Portfolio Optimization in the Environment of Zero Interest Rate

Temporal fluctuation scaling in nonstationary time series using the path integral formalism.

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