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Exegetical Practices of John Chrysostom and the Formation of the Subject of Faith

A dependently typed calculus with polymorphic subtyping

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Bridging the Digital Divide in Yemen

Keeping current: How advancements in electricity storage can save money for consumers

Effects of load mass and size on cooperative transport in ants over multiple transport challenges


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Rheological characterization of cactus pear mucilage for application in nutraceutical food products

Give me a break: The art of hitting pause to recharge

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On the Dislocation Contribution to the Dielectric Loss in the Materials with Piezoelectric Properties

Reproduction of experimental spatio-temporal structures in traffic flows using mathematical model based on cellular automata theory

Physical Activity and Exercise after Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation: Just Keep on Moving

Review: Immigrant Pastoral: Midwestern Landscapes and Mexican-American Neighborhoods by Susan Dieterlen

Numerical Investigations on the Instability of Boulders Impacted by Experimental Coastal Flows

Traits of Leaders in Movement Initiation: Classification and Identification

Handling pedestrians in self-driving cars using image tracking and alternative path generation with Frenét frames

Understanding the Messages Conveyed by Automated Vehicles

Deviation bounds for the first passage time in the frog model

Chemical profile of the volatiles of Baccharis salicifolia (Asteraceae) and interaction with Macrodactylus nigripes (Coleoptera: Melolonthidae)

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First Steps from Walking in Snow to Cross-Country Skiing: An Interactional Perspective on Ephemeral Surfaces for Personal Mobility

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