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Effects of a host tree on movement and distribution of winter geometrid moths (Lepidoptera): thickness of trunks and branches

First record of Corythucha arcuata in Slovakia – Short Communication

Культурная память и структура локального пространства в селах Чуново, Яровце и Русовце (Южная Словакия)*

Youngsters’ Partnership Behaviour in the Carpathian Basin

Morphological and cytogenetic characteristics of Neobisium (Blothrus) slovacum Gulička, 1977 (Pseudoscorpiones, Neobisiidae), the northernmost troglobitic species of the subgenus Blothrus in Europe

Dragonflies (Odonata) of Botanical Garden‘s Pond of SUA in Nitra

Effect of evaporative cooling and altitude on dairy cows milk efficiency in lowlands

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Southern Slovakia 南スロバキア
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