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The Public in Search of Identity: New Symbolism in Urban Spaces. A Study of Central Squares of Balkan Capitals

“Never Abandon, Never Give Up”: Soldiers Sortie as a New Red Classic of the Reform Era

Postsocialist Fiction and Frameworks: Miroslav Penkov, Lara Vapnyar, and Aleksandar Hemon

Globalized authoritarianism. Megaprojects, slums, and class relations in urban Morocco

“The Western Feminists Want to Make Us Gay”: Nationalism, Heteronormativity, and Violence Against Women in Bulgaria in Times of “Anti-gender Campaigns”

Post-socialist narratives of being, belonging and becoming: Eastern European women migrants and transformative politics in an era of European crises

Gained in translation: The reception of foreign cinema in Mao’s China

Patterns of Eastern European urbanisation in the mirror of Western trends – Convergent, unique or hybrid?

Charity’s dilemmas: an ethnography of gift-giving and social class in Croatia

Dobra ili loša stara vremena?: Socijalističko društvo i svakodnevni život Ljubljane i okolice očima usmenih izvora

What Remains: Everyday Encounters with the Socialist Past in Germany

Race and Racism in Eastern Europe: Becoming White, Becoming Western

From ‘father of the nation’ to the nation without a father: revisiting dictatorship in the wake of neoliberal crisis with Andrei Ujică’s The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu

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