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Social Paradigm sentence examples within biological biophysical neurophysiological

Brain Neurogenetics: Human Sleep and Longevity

Nature and Human Brain: Information-sharing Paradigms

Social Paradigm sentence examples within Dominant Social Paradigm

Sustainable Development Goal Drivers in Food Systems

Negotiating Contemporary Indigeneity: Cultural Aesthetic and Communicative Practices among Contemporary! Xun and Khwe San Youth of Platfontein, South Africa

Social Paradigm sentence examples within New Social Paradigm

Free the (Virtual) Nipple

Enfermedad de von Hippel-Lindau, una visión desde el trabajo social 3.0 [Von Hippel-Lindau Disease, a 3.0 social work perspective]

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Social Paradigm sentence examples within Critical Social Paradigm

Estratégias neurolinguísticas para o desenvolvimento de competências cognitivas

¿Salud, Cultura y Sociedad en la Patria Neonatal?

Social Paradigm sentence examples within social paradigm shift

Gender Identity Disorders: Current Medical and Social Paradigm and the ICD-11 Innovations

Pragmalingvistički pristup analizi humorističnog sadržaja o COVID-19 pandemiji

Aline Valette’s L’Harmonie sociale (1892–93): From Social Theory to Editorial Practice

Why is repositioning public health innovation towards a social paradigm necessary? A reflection on the field of public health through the examples of Ebola and Covid-19

Are Health Innovations Techno-economic or Social Values in a period of a Health Crisis? A Reflection on the Field of Public Health through the Examples of Ebola and Covid-19

The importance of socio‐emotional considerations in online communities, social informatics, and information science

A naturalistic method to test depression: Anticipation of play

From the psychosocial paradigm to religious morality: ethical issues in mental health.

The Risk as a Communication Phenomenon Within McLuhan’s Global Village

Discursive construction of social representations expressed by seekers of psychosocial healthcare services in Brazil.

Problems of socio-economic development of the domestic agro-industrial complex require an active solution

Biopsychosocial Factors during the Perinatal Period: Risks, Preventative Factors, and Implications for Healthcare Professionals

Analysis of General Practitioners’ Attitudes and Beliefs about Psychological Intervention and the Medicine-Psychology Relationship in Primary Care: Toward a New Comprehensive Approach to Primary Health Care

La tutela de las personas con discapacidad en el derecho internacional de los derechos humanos

Does application of complexity theory simplify concepts of psychiatry: Analogies and insights

Globalisation and Labour Structures: A Dubious Deal

How to define today a medical disorder? Biological and psychosocial disadvantages as the paramount criteria.

Educational Leadership as the Impact of Teachers in the Formation of the Attitude of Students from a Manichean Perspective

A literature review on strategies for building autonomy in Brazilian healthcare services for drug users.

Social relevance modulates multivariate neural representations of threat generalization in children and adults.

Default Mode Network spatial configuration varies across task domains

Effectiveness of Digital Educational Technologies in the Organization the Learning Process


The neuropeptide Pth2 modulates social behavior and anxiety in zebrafish

Persons with Moderate and Severe Intellectual Disabilities – the Specific Needs of Adulthood


Social Paradigms for Reducing Process Modeling Cost

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship: From Schumpeter to Industry 4.0

Innovations in education: the socio-cultural dimension

Russian Society at the Beginning of the 20th and Early 21st Centuries: Problems and Risks

Struktur Sosial Masyarakat Bima Pada Masa Kepemimpinan Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Tahun 1915-1951

Konstruksi Sosial pada Pedagang Tradisional dalam Menghadapi Era Kompetisi Perdagangan Bebas

Practice of Convergence in the Makarena Segment on Radio Delta FM Jakarta

Ecosocial work and social change in community practice

The Links Between Psycho and Social

Pedagang Kaki Lima, Profil Entrepreneurship Sejati, Pelaku Ekonomi Kerakyatan, Ciptakan Jiwa Kewirausahaan Mandiri

Reterritorializing digital performance from South to North

Digital stories, a pedagogical tool to improve writing in children

The Origins of Sexual Orientation

Bridging the divide between biomedical and psychosocial approaches in dementia research: the 2019 INTERDEM manifesto.

Diet, sex, and social status in the Late Avar period: stable isotope investigations at Nuštar cemetery, Croatia

El Proyecto Drainage: avances metodológicos para la integración de la mitigación del riesgo de inundaciones con la mejora del estado de las masas de agua

Sustainable or not sustainable? The role of the board of directors

Heroic memory and contemporary war

Dance and/as Poiesis, Poetry, Poetics

The Four-Cluster Spectrum of Mind-Body Interrelationships: An Integrative Model

Novel behavioural characteristics of the superoxide dismutase 1 G93A (SOD1G93A) mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis include sex‐dependent phenotypes

Plenary: The Challenge of Innovating in the Education of Engineers in Argentina

Пол�? Эталонных Проблем в Динамике Взаимоотношений Корпораций и Го�?удар�?тва (Fields of Reference Challenges in the Dynamics of the Relationship of Corporations and the State)


Dari Kolektor Besi Tua Hingga Sosok Religius: Stereotip Orang Madura Melalui Humor

Psychological models in sport psychology: A preliminary investigation


Los universos opuestos en El camino de regreso, de José de Piérola

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