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Signals Transmitted sentence examples within orthogonal frequency division

On Optimizing the PAPR of OFDM Signals With Coding, Companding, and MIMO

Coherent Receiver for Turbo Coded Single-User Massive MIMO-OFDM with Retransmissions

Signals Transmitted sentence examples within Radio Signals Transmitted

Spatio-Temporal Prediction of Ionospheric Total Electron Content Using an Adaptive Data Fusion Technique

Mid-latitude and high latitude ionospheric disturbances during Sudden Stratospheric Warming events observed by VLF/LF signals

Signals Transmitted sentence examples within Frequency Signals Transmitted

Sum Rate Maximization for Multi-User Wireless Powered IoT Network With Non-Linear Energy Harvester: Time and Power Allocation

The Security–Reliability Tradeoff of Multiuser Scheduling-Aided Energy Harvesting Cognitive Radio Networks

Signals Transmitted sentence examples within Optical Signals Transmitted

Adaptive free space optic system based on visibility detector to overcome atmospheric attenuation

Spatial Multiplexing for Non-Line-of-Sight Light-to-Camera Communications

Signals Transmitted sentence examples within Rf Signals Transmitted

RF and Network Signature-based Machine Learning on Detection of Wireless Controlled Drone

An Algorithm for Cycle-Slip Detection in a Melbourne–Wübbena Combination Formed of Code and Carrier Phase GNSS Measurements

Signals Transmitted sentence examples within Locating Signals Transmitted

Near-Field Localization Using Antenna Arrays

Localization of Signals in the Near-Field of an Antenna Array

Signals Transmitted sentence examples within Demodulate Signals Transmitted

Implementation of a Low-Cost Flight Tracking System for High-Altitude Ballooning

An Effective Satellite Remote Sensing Tool Combining Hardware and Software Solutions

Signals Transmitted sentence examples within Uplink Signals Transmitted

Positioning Indoors with LTE Communications Signals of Different Bandwidth

A UL-NOMA system providing low E2E latency

Signals Transmitted sentence examples within Acoustic Signals Transmitted

Robust direction finding in the fluctuating oceans by complex L1-norm principal component analysis

Summary of Some Research Developments by Dr. John Ehrenberg in Fisheries Sonar and Acoustic Telemetry over the Last 3 Decades

Signals Transmitted sentence examples within signals transmitted vium

Performance of Resource Management Techniques for Weather-Impacted Satellite Networks

VCP/p97 controls signals of the ERK1/2 pathway transmitted via the Shoc2 scaffolding complex: novel insights into IBMPFD pathology

Method for determining the values of slant tropospheric delays of signals of navigation satellites

Observation and Analysis Results of an Electrical Field Sounding System

Optimized Cooperative Finite-Alphabet Two-Way Relaying Strategy for Indoor Visible Light Communication Systems

Performance Analysis of DDPSK Receiver for Applications in IoT Systems

Self-switching Diodes as RF Rectifiers: Evaluation Methods and Current Progress


Coherent Full-Duplex Double-Sided Two-Way Ranging and Velocity Measurement Between Separate Incoherent Radio Units

How the Engineering Design Process Can Simplify the Testing of Automation and Control Systems

SWIPT in mMIMO system with non-linear energy-harvesting terminals: protocol design and performance optimization

Differencing Methods for 3D Positioning of Spacecraft

Resource Allocation for Symbiotic Radio System With Fading Channels

A MIMO-NOMA Framework With Complex-Valued Power Coefficients

LoS-MIMO Channel Capacity of Distributed GEO Satellites Communication System Over the Sea

Beam-Domain SWIPT for mMIMO System With Nonlinear Energy Harvesting Legitimate Terminals and a Non-Cooperative Terminal

Data from GNSS-Based Passive Radar to Support Flood Monitoring Operations

Fragment-aided recognition of images under poor lighting and additive impulse noises

An Optimization Framework for Secure Delivery in Heterogeneous Coded Caching Systems

Securing Ultrasonic Sensors Against Signal Injection Attacks Based on a Mathematical Model

A Framework for Evaluating Security in the Presence of Signal Injection Attacks

Amino acids in the regulation of aging and aging-related diseases

Fog-Assisted Multiuser SWIPT Networks: Local Computing or Offloading

Результаты изучения клинической эффективности и безопасности тофацитиниба в лечении псориатического артрита

Optimal Antenna Selection Sequence for MIMO Radar

Network rewiring in cancer

UWB-ED: Distance Enlargement Attack Detection in Ultra-Wideband

Effective Resource Utilization Schemes for Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks With NOMA

Optimization of Packet Length for Two Way Relaying with Energy Harvesting

NuGingaJS: a full portable ITU-T H.761 Ginga middleware for DTV and IPTV

Passive Target Localization by Asynchronous Self-Locating Receivers in Multipath Environments

Pharmacology of Pain Transmission and Modulation

Effect of Mutual Coupling on the Performance of STCM-MIMO Systems

3-D Localization for Smartphones using a Single Speaker

Massive MIMO AF Relaying with Channel Estimation and Power Control Techniques

Performance Analysis for Cooperative NOMA With Opportunistic Relay Selection

Modeling and Evaluation of Intra-System Interference in DVB-T2 Single-Frequency Networks

Micro-UAV Detection and Classification from RF Fingerprints Using Machine Learning Techniques

A Wide Tuning Range and Low Power RF Filter for Wireless Local Area Network Applications

Ergodic Sum-rate Analysis for Massive MIMO under Imperfect Channel State Information

Sum rate analysis of two-unicast wireless energy harvesting system

193 The environment and lupus: impact of inflammation and diet on T cell epigenetics

Precoding Design for Energy Efficiency Maximization in MIMO Half-Duplex Wireless Sensor Networks with SWIPT

Theoretical Analysis of AM and FM Interference Robustness of Integrating DDR Receiver for Human Body Communication

Qualitative Study of Some Communication Systems with Random Signals

Exploitation of GNSS signals as illuminators of opportunity in Passive Coherent Location (PCL) systems

Hybrid TDOA/RSS Based Localization for Visible Light Systems

SCoBi-Veg: A Generalized Bistatic Scattering Model of Reflectometry From Vegetation for Signals of Opportunity Applications

Robust Beamforming and Jamming for Enhancing the Physical Layer Security of Full Duplex Radios

Impact of 3D Antenna Radiation Patterns on TDOA-Based Wireless Localization of UAVs

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