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The Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic Period on the Organizational Culture of Public Relations Agencies

Online Grocery Shopping Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Among SNAP Participants.

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The impact of Convenience and Trust on Satisfaction and Rebuying Intention in Online Shopping: Using The PLS Algorithm

Why do people shop together around the same screen?

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Finding Optimal Skyline Product Combinations under Price Promotion

Multi-Constraint Optimal Skyline Product Combination Under Price Promotion Using TLE Algorithm.

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Does COVID-19 Affect the Behavior of Buying Fresh Food? Evidence from Wuhan, China

Learning a Fine-Grained Review-based Transformer Model for Personalized Product Search

An Analysis of the Impact of Personality Traits towards Augmented Reality in Online Shopping

Identifying Helpful Sentences in Product Reviews

Contactless channel for shopping and delivery in the context of social distancing in response to COVID-19 pandemic

Belanja Online di Masa Pandemi Covid-19: Studi Kasus Ibu-ibu Rumah Tangga di Kota Makassar

A Time-Based Online Customer Behaviors Analysis Model

Online grocery shopping for the elderly in Quebec, Canada: The role of mobility impediments and past online shopping experience

The Impact Of The Covid-19 Crisis On Consumer Behavior Online Shopping In Wisma Atlet 2 Quarantine Area, Jakarta

Python and MySQL based Smart Digital Retail Management System

Information disclosure in e-commerce: A systematic review and agenda for future research

Comparing shopper characteristics by online grocery ordering use among households in low-income communities in Maine

Optimizing Channel Profit in a Retail Dual-channel Supply Chain When Considering Delivery Lead Time

Analysis of Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping During in the Pandemic Covid-19 Period in Bengkalis Sub-District

Legal Issues in Implementing E-Commerce in GCC Countries from the Perspective of Financial Managers

Factors Affecting the Growth of E-Shopping over the COVID-19 Era in Hanoi, Vietnam

Motive Uses and Gratification Platform E-Traveling Traveloka: Analysis of Uses and Gratifications

Pandemi Ekonomisinin İnternet Alışverişine Etkilerinin Analizi

Shopping online for children: Is safety a consideration?

Consumer Trust as the Antecedent of Online Consumer Purchase Decision

Faster shipping or lower prices? Gender difference in online shipping

Factors Influencing Consumers’ Attitude & Perception towards E-shopping in NCR

Dataset of Natural Language Queries for E-Commerce

Pengaruh Electronic Word of Mouth dan Security Terhadap Buying Decision Melalui Electronic Trust Sebagai Variabel Media

Potential benefits and descriptive norms in webrooming: an extended model of goal-directed behaviour

Identification and Ranking of Key Factors for Pattern of Consumer Buying Decisions in Digital Marketing

Effect Of Online Shopping On Consumtive Behavior In Pandemic Time Covid-19



Accessibility and availability: A cross-cultural study of shopper responses to online retail stock-outs

Women’s e-commerce clothing sentiment analysis by probabilistic model LDA using R-SPARK

Blockchain-based decentralized reputation system in E-commerce environment

Berbelanja Melalui Jasa Titip Perabot di Masa Pandemi Covid-19: Studi Kasus @jastipbyarumi

Behavior of Using the Food Marketplace System in the New Normal Era of COVID-19 in Indonesia

Does the theory of planned behavior and perceived enjoyment give a big impact on online purchase intention among Gen-Y in east coast Malaysia?

Digital Era and Consumer Behavior on the Internet

Digital Retail Challenges within the EU: Fulfillment of Holistic Customer Journey Post GDPR

Aspect Extraction and Sentiment Analysis for E-Commerce Product Reviews

Push, Pull, and Mooring Evaluation of User Switching Intention from Social Commerce to E-Commerce

Effect of Shopping Value on the Susceptibility of E-Commerce Shoppers to Persuasive Strategies and the Role of Gender

A Customer-Oriented Assortment Selection in the Big Data Environment

Buying Intention through User Interface Design

Which consumer attributes influence South African consumers to shop online

What Do My Channels Provide to My Customers? Omni-Channel Customers versus Mono-channel Customers and the Impact of Distribution Services

Online category pricing at a multichannel grocery retailer

Smartphone Users Transparent Verification Approach for Mobile Applications

IT Value for Customer: Its Influence on Satisfaction and Loyalty in E-commerce

Determinants of Online Shopping Influencing Thai Consumer’s Buying Choices

Perceived Risk on Online Store Image Towards Purchase Intention

Facebook—A Boon or Bane towards Social Media Marketing

Consumer behaviour and online shopping: the study of online shopping adoption (with reference to Lucknow city)

Perceived Product Risk while Shopping Online: Does Virtual Reality vs. 2D Reduce Uncertainty?

Penerapan Web Responsive Design Pada Toko Aksesoris Jelita

Faktor-Faktor Determinan Keputusan Pembelian secara Online Produk Fashion

Consumptive Behavior of Students in Shopping Online and Implications in Guidance and Counseling Services in Universities

A Study on the Turnout on the Use of E-Shopping Websites with Arabic Platform in Bahrain

Towards Minimizing e-Commerce Returns for Clothing

Sharing Augmented Reality Experience Between HMD and Non-HMD User

When should the offline retailer implement price matching?

The Gender Effect on Consumer Attitudes Toward Payment Methods: The Case of Online Chinese Customers

The Role of Customer Trust as a Mediation on The Effect of Corporate Images and Price Fairness to Customer Loyalty

Multi-Domain Gated CNN for Review Helpfulness Prediction

Neurological effects of product price and evaluation on online purchases based on event-related potentials


A Case Study on Factors Influencing Online Apparel Consumption and Satisfaction between China and Ghana

Discussion on the Mechanism of Irrational Online Shopping Behavior—Based on the Perspective of Mental Accounting Theory

Purchase intention in an electronic commerce environment

Try online before you buy: How does shopping with augmented reality affect brand responses and personal data disclosure

Searching Behavior Analysis of Online Shopping Based on Information Content of Query Words

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