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Exploring the effect of an enhanced e-commerce institutional mechanism on online shopping intention in the context of e-commerce poverty alleviation


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An integrated view of particularized trust in social commerce: An empirical investigation

Consumers’ decisions in social commerce: the role of guanxi elements

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The Influence of E-Servicescape on Mobile Shopping Intention: The Mediating Role of Customer Satisfaction

Engaging shoppers through mobile apps: the role of gamification

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Four generational cohorts and hedonic m-shopping: association between personality traits and purchase intention

M-Commerce application acceptance analysis using Technology Readiness Index (TRI) model in Kuningan Regency

Chatbot for SMEs: Integrating customer and business owner perspectives

The Application of Machine Learning in Online Purchasing Intention Prediction

Analysis about the Effects of Ease of Use Site, Information Quality, Purchasing Trust, and Price Impression Towards Using of Online Shopping Blibli on Community in Semarang

Consumer shopping perceptions of an Internet of Things environment

Consumer Shopping Behaviour among Modern Retail Formats

Analysis of Shoping Intention Using E-Commerce During Pandemic

Session Based Query Recommendation with Graph Neural Networks on Heterogeneous Information Trees

The role of the chatbot on customer purchase intention: towards digital relational sales

Impact of electronic word of mouth to the purchase intention - the case of Instagram

Predicting m-shopping in the two largest m-commerce markets: The United States and China

Evaluating the Influence of Consumer Demographics on Online Purchase Intention: An E-Tail Perspective

How Live Streaming Changes Shopping Decisions in E-commerce: A Study of Live Streaming Commerce

Food healthiness versus tastiness: Contrasting their impact on more and less successful healthy shoppers within a virtual food shopping task

Factors Influencing Purchase Intention on Mobile Shopping Web Site in China and South Korea: An Empirical Study

How personality traits, employee incompetence and consumer similarity influence shoplifting behavior

Four generational cohorts and hedonic m-shopping: association between personality traits and purchase intention

Investigating the role of social presence dimensions and information support on consumers’ trust and shopping intentions

Scarcity as a Desirable Attribute of Luxury Fashion Brands in Millennial Marketing

Parasocial Relationship Analysis on Digital Celebrities Follower’s Purchase Intention

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Shopping Intention 買い物の意図
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