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Users’ Behavioral Intention and Adoption of Mobile Shopping Applications on the Smartphone Platform

The Acceptance Model of Mobile Shopping Apps in China

Shopping App sentence examples within Online Shopping App


E-Commerce Design by Older Adults: The Selection and Placement of Web Objects on Shopping Sites

Shopping App sentence examples within Grocery Shopping App

Smart shopping: the adoption of grocery shopping apps

Virtual Reality Based Application for Autistic Adolescents in Malaysia

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Shopping App sentence examples within Popular Shopping App

A Scalable Automated System to Measure User Experience on Smart Devices


Shopping App sentence examples within shopping app user

Customer experiences of technology-enabled business applications in smartphone-based mobile shopping: Browsing satisfaction, purchasing intention, and buying behavior

Comparison of Perceptual Differences Between Users and Designers in Mobile Shopping App Interface Design: Implications for Evaluation Practice

Predictors of Habitual and Addictive Smartphone Behavior in Problematic Smartphone Use

A Complexion based Outfit color recommender using Neural Networks

Belanja Online di Masa Pandemi Covid-19: Studi Kasus Ibu-ibu Rumah Tangga di Kota Makassar

Pemahaman Aplikasi E-Bekal bagi Wali Asuh Santri sebagai Upaya Pencegahan Penyalahgunaan Uang Belanja Santri di Pesantren

Collaborative Filtering Movie Recommendation System

Enhancing the Sneakers Shopping Experience through Virtual Fitting Using Augmented Reality

Mobile shopping apps adoption: a systematic literature review

Impact of online advertising and the use of cosmetic products: a study on the influence of online advertisements and change in the purchasing behaviour of women in Kerala

Intention to reuse AR-based apps: The combined role of the sense of immersion, product presence and perceived realism

Development E-Commerce Applications

Impact of Quality of Unfamiliar Shopping App on Initial Trust Formation: A Moderated Mediation of Risk Attitude

The Outcome Expectations of Promocode in Mobile Shopping Apps: An Integrative Behavioral and Social Cognitive Perspective

Understanding the discontinuance behavior of mobile shoppers as a consequence of technostress: An application of the stress-coping theory

Decision for buying fashion products for students through online stores in the City of makassar

A data minimization model for embedding privacy into software systems

Does need for touch matter in the context of apparel online shopping?- Compensatory role of online aesthetic and instrumental cues -

Role of Augmented Reality in Influencing Purchase Intention Among Millenials

Scaling UX with design systems

Customizing Multi-Tenant SaaS by Microservices: A Reference Architecture

An Examination of E-Loyalty for Online Purchase of Apparel among Y Generation

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