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Delayed Adjustment: Economic crisis, political change and state intervention in the Spanish shipbuilding industry, about 1975–1990

Las islas Filipinas y la etapa formativa de la construcción naval española en Asia, 1519-1657

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Development of a Large Angle Stability Tool For The Ships and Boats

Analytical Solution of the serial Bernoulli production line steady-state performance and its application in the shipbuilding process

Shipbuilding Industry sentence examples within National Shipbuilding Industry

The Total War Strategy Through the Improvement of the Role of National Shipyard in Supporting Main Weapon System of Indonesian Navy

Shipbuilding Industry’ Technology Innovation Capabilities from the Perspective of Patent Portfolio: Comparison of China, Japan and South Korea

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Shipbuilding Industry sentence examples within Marine Shipbuilding Industry

Optimized Parameter for Butt Joint in Friction Stir Welding of Semi-Solid Aluminum Alloy 5083 Using Taguchi Technique

The spatial pattern of the blue product development of nations: An empirical analysis based on product space theory

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Which ship-integrated power system enterprises are more competitive from the perspective of patent?

A Short Communication for Shipbuilding Industry in Vietnam

Gas Path Fault Diagnosis of Gas Turbine Engine Based on Knowledge Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Tool degradation in EDM processes: experimental study of surface contamination in electrodes used in the shipbuilding industry

Experimental Study and Development of Design Formula for Estimating the Ultimate Strength of Curved Plates

Research on Key Technologies of Intelligent Protection for Marine Power System

Effect of Ti/SiC Reinforcement on AA5083 Surface Composites Prepared by Friction Stir Processing

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Comparative study for naval repairs using longitudinal slipway or airbags

Καθοδική προστασία σε πλοία με τη μέθοδο των θυσιαζόμενων ηλεκτροδίων (SACP)

Generating 3D texture models of vessel pipes using 2D texture transferred by object recognition☆


Cold-Resistant Steels: Structure, Properties, and Technologies

Hybrid NHPSO-JTVAC-SVM Model to Predict Production Lead Time

Distortion Control and Prevention by Fabrication Techniques in Cold Bent Steel Frame with Perforated Web

Shipbuilding in Murmansk: current state and future progress

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Концептуальные основы проектирования арктических подводных транспортных судов

Assessment Framework of Smart Shipyard Maturity Level via Data Envelopment Analysis

Supply chain performance for a traditional shipbuilding industry in Indonesia

Next Generation Auto-Identification and Traceability Technologies for Industry 5.0: A Methodology and Practical Use Case for the Shipbuilding Industry

Hydroxyapatite biomaterial production from chicken (femur and beak) and fishbone waste through a chemical less method for Cd2+ removal from shipbuilding wastewater.

Evaluasi Efektivitas Kebijakan Tax Holiday Dalam Meningkatkan Investasi di Indonesia

The Concentration and Difference of Shipbuilding Industry in the Yangtze River Economic Belt

Supplier Selection in Shipbuilding Industry – A Review

Thermal Conductivity Characterization of Epoxy Based Composites Reinforced with Date Palm Waste Particles

Springback control and plastic deformation of metal plates with large curvature in heat-assisted incremental bending process

The Unexpected Consequences of the Covid 19 on Managing ETO Projects

Research on Collaborative Order Decision-Making Method for Symmetric Participants in Complex Shipbuilding Projects

Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Ship Power Systems

A design failure pre-alarming system using score- and vote-based associative classification

Ship recycling, market imperfections and the relevance of a consortium of ship recycling nations in the Indian subcontinent

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An Integrated Approach to the Organization of Designing a Shipbuilding Cluster in the Republic of Crimea

Prevalence of occupational accidents and factors associated with deaths and disabilities in the shipbuilding industry: Comparisons of novice and skilled workers.

Friction forge riveting: A new joining method for connecting 40Cr steel and TC4 titanium alloy

Determinants of shipbuilding industry competitive factors and institutional model analysis

Lean production of ship-pipe parts based on lot-sizing optimization and PFB control strategy

Joints Of Steel Sandwich Structures

Buckling analysis of composite laminated plate in different boundary conditions under thermo mechanical loading

Condition assessment and prospects for the development of crewing services

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Retrospective analysis of a multi-stage experiment on developing high-performance insulation panels to sustain jet impingement at high temperatures

Opportunities for crossfertilisation between the shipbuilding industry and the emergent offshore wind energy sector in Colombia

Multi-objective integrated scheduling optimization of semi-combined marine crankshaft structure production workshop for green manufacturing

Analysis of Work Accident Factors in the Shipyard

Changes in the Global Shipbuilding Industry on the Examples of Selected States Worldwide in the 21st Century

Laser cleaning of the corrosion products on marine steels with spectroscopic control

A Preliminary Study on the Introduction and Disposal of Pollutants from Hazardous Waste Transfer and Single Billing System

Morbidities among Shipbuilding Workers in Goa: A Retrospective Record-Based Study


An efficient MILP-based decomposition strategy for solving large-scale scheduling problems in the shipbuilding industry

Path Planning for Spray Painting Robot of Horns Surfaces in Ship Manufacturing

Effect of the State Policy of Shipbuilding Development on Sea Freight


Global value chains and the shipbuilding industry

A two-stage stochastic model for workforce capacity requirement in shipbuilding

Critical Void Volume Fraction Identification Based on Mesoscopic Damage Model for NVA Shipbuilding Steel

Systemic Approach to Ship Design

Remote Control System Concept in Electric and Hybrid Marine Propulsion Objects

Design Features and Construction Enlightenments of Oasis-Class Luxury Cruise Ships

Application of data-driven models in the analysis of marine power systems


Estimation of Residual Strength for an Aged Floating Dock

An analysis of market-distorting factors in shipbuilding: The role of government interventions

Development Strategy of Intelligent Ship Engineering Technology

New Technology Trends in the Design of Autonomous Ships

Local content requirements and their economic effect on shipbuilding: A quantitative assessment

Study on Corrosion Properties of Additive Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel and Alloy 625 in Seawater

Massive parallelization accelerated solution for the 2D irregular nesting problem

Fiberglass Stiffened Panels: Estimation of Natural Vibration Frequency

‘Yet this comes in useful for building ships’: Shipbuilding and repairs in New Netherland

Analysis of Hydraulic Damping Shock Absorber of Ship Propulsion Shaft System

Comparison of Occupational Accidents and Illnesses in Shipbuilding Industry

A non-contact measurement method of ship block using image-based 3D reconstruction technology

Behavior of magnetic properties of power transformers structural steel A36 at different temperatures

Path rendering and velocity restriction with welding-assisting device composed of magnetorheological brakes

Solusi inovasi dan kemitraan peremajaan konstruksi kapal kayu nelayan 1 GT dan 3 GT berbasis teknologi material jenis kayu cepat tumbuh untuk mendorong industri galangan kapal masyarakat di wilayah pesisir Provinsi Riau

Analysis of the heat affected zone in plasma jet cutting process of the aluminium alloy EN AW 5083

Application of Reverse Engineering Technology in Part Design for Shipbuilding Industry

Problematizing silences in intangible heritage: unsettling historical records of women in protests

Study on the Situation and Countermeasures of the Anti-typhoon Technology of Wharf Mooring of Large Unpowered Ship

Evaluation of the Economic Theme in Historical Curriculum in Middle School in Providing Entrepreneurial Spirit Generation

Study on Typhoon Resistance Measures at the Wharf of Large Unpowered Ships

Research on Segmentation Production Simulation Optimization Technology Based on Plant Simulation

Formation of the engineering staff training system for military shipbuilding in Leningrad higher education institutions (1920–1930)

Layered discrete event system specification for a ship production scheduling model

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