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Research on the Economic Development Threshold Effect of the Employment Density of the Shanghai Consumer Goods Industry in the Context of New Manufacturing, Based on the Experience Comparison with International Metropolis

Customization and Performance of Service-Oriented Manufacturing Information System: The Mediating Effect of Information System Flexibility

Framework for designing a smart connected product service system

Recommending collaborations with newly emerged services for composition creation in cloud manufacturing

A multi-attribute personalized recommendation method for manufacturing service composition with combining collaborative filtering and genetic algorithm

Research on value-added service strategy of the third-party platform based on system dynamics

Task Decomposition Based on Cloud Manufacturing Platform

Maintenance optimisation and coordination with fairness concerns for the service-oriented manufacturing supply chain

Speech Recognition based Industrial Cloud Robot for Service-Oriented Sustainable Manufacturing

Opportunistic maintenance policy integrating leasing profit and capacity balancing for serial-parallel leased systems

Integrated forward and reverse logistics in cloud manufacturing: an agent-based multi-layer architecture and optimization via genetic algorithm

Multiple Attribute Decision-Making Model for Supplier Selection in Service-Oriented Manufacturing Paradigm

A Cloud Solution for Service Oriented Workshop Management

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Service Oriented Manufacturing サービス指向の製造
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