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A Traceability Public Service Cloud Platform Incorporating IDcode System and Colorful QR Code Technology for Important Product

The research of diagnosing Photovoltaic building fault based on State Grid Distributed Photovoltaic Cloud Platform

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Artificial Intelligence Systems under the Background of the Big Data Era

Towards a full capacity of anaesthesia and surgical services in the epicenter (Wuhan) of the COVID-19 epidemic

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Efficient task scheduling on virtual machine in cloud computing environment


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Auditing Deployed Software Licenses on Cloud using a Secure Loopback Protocol

Software as a Service operation model in cloud based ERP systems

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Automated Trust Negotiation for Cloud Applications in Identity-as-a-Service

Quality of Service Aware Cost Optimization for Online Gaming Services in IaaS Clouds

Jetstream2: Accelerating cloud computing via Jetstream

An Instance Reservation Framework for Cost Effective Services in Geo-Distributed Data Centers

Cloud-Enabled Product Design Selection and Manufacturing as a Service

Multi-Objective Workflow Scheduling With Deep-Q-Network-Based Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Latency-Aware Secure Elastic Stream Processing with Homomorphic Encryption

Einstein Analytics: Introduction

A new medical imaging sharing service network based on professional medical imaging center

Hierarchical Maritime Radio Networks for Internet of Maritime Things

A Generic Multi-Service Cloud-Based IoT Operational Platform - EMULSION

Multiqueue Scheduling of Heterogeneous Tasks With Bounded Response Time in Hybrid Green IaaS Clouds

Timing Channel in IaaS: How to Identify and Investigate

An Online Mechanism for Purchasing IaaS Instances and Scheduling Pleasingly Parallel Jobs in Cloud Computing Environments

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Consistent Offline Update of Suspended Virtual Machines in Clouds

Efficient Migration of Large-Memory VMs Using Private Virtual Memory

A provably secure certificateless public key encryption with keyword search

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Service Cloud サービスクラウド
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