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Socioeconomic Impact of Hospitalization Expenditure for Treatment of Noncommunicable Diseases in India: A Repeated Cross-Sectional Analysis of National Sample Survey Data, 2004 to 2018.

Impact of National Health Mission of India on Infant and Maternal Mortality: A Logical Framework Analysis

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When Home Hospice Patients Discharge to Nursing Home: A Mixed Method

Cost of scaling-up comprehensive primary health care in India: Implications for universal health coverage.

Sample Surveys sentence examples within Convenience Sample Surveys

The Normalization of Leisure Sex and Recreational Drugs: Exploring Associations Between Polydrug Use and Sexual Practices by English Festival-Goers

University students’ perspectives, planned uptake, and hesitancy regarding the COVID-19 vaccine: A multi-methods study

Sample Surveys sentence examples within Probability Sample Surveys

Few changes shown in cancer information-seeking behaviour among young adults in China between 2012 and 2017.

Lack of Replication or Generalization? Cultural Values Explain a Question Wording Effect

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Comparative Study of Confidence Intervals for Proportions in Complex Sample Surveys.

Finite Population Model-Assisted Estimation Using Combined Parametric and Nonparametric Regression Smoothers

Sample Surveys sentence examples within Household Sample Surveys

The Mode-Based Poverty Decomposition into the Growth and Distribution Effects

Dental care utilization among children in Brazil: an exploratory study based on data from national household surveys.

Sample Surveys sentence examples within Random Sample Surveys

Intestinal inflammation and compromised barrier function in idiopathic parkinsonism: scenario captured by systematic review

Planning, designing and conducting establishment-based freight surveys: A synthesis of the literature, case-study examples and recommendations for best practices in future surveys

Sample Surveys sentence examples within Large Sample Surveys

Two-Way Floating or Irreversible Floating? The Transition of Migrants from Urban Social Integration to Permanent Settlement in the Cities in China

Hace poco y no hace mucho. El efecto en la medición de la migración por cambios en la duración de la residencia

Sample Surveys sentence examples within Extensive Sample Surveys

Insights on data collection for soil microbial diversity analyses

Perspectives on the Impact of Sampling Design and Intensity on Soil Microbial Diversity Estimates

Sample Surveys sentence examples within Traditional Sample Surveys

Spectral Discrimination of Six Dominant Seaweed Species in the Intertidal Zone of GouQi Island

Statistical learning in official statistics: The case of statistical matching

Sample Surveys sentence examples within sample surveys conducted

Few changes shown in cancer information-seeking behaviour among young adults in China between 2012 and 2017.

Geography of Talent in China During 2000–2015: An Eigenvector Spatial Filtering Negative Binomial Approach

Sample Surveys sentence examples within sample surveys indicate

Mental health responses to the COVID-19 pandemic: a latent class trajectory analysis using longitudinal UK data.

Different Mental Health Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Latent Class Trajectory Analysis Using Longitudinal UK Data

A comparative study of a class of direct estimators for domain mean with a direct ratio estimator for domain mean using auxiliary character

Community Structure and Diversity Distribution Pattern of Sandy Plants in the Middle and Upper Reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River

Challenges of Using Collaborative Methodologies in Surveying Political Trust in Haiti

Detection of follicular regions in actin-stained whole slide images of the human lymph node by shock filter

How to make estimates with compensation for nonresponse in statistical analysis of census data

Toward an Integrated Statistical System Based on Registers


Evaluation of demographic attitudes by the eyes of men and women under conditions of fertility deficiency

Some efficient estimators in case of missing data

Transfer of Data using Raspberry PI

A randomized response model for sensitive attribute with privacy measure using Poisson distribution

Ecology of the Сity and the Role of Tourism in the Formation of Living Space (on the Example of Urban Ecosystems of the Cities of Kryvyi Rih and Uman)

Leveraging vertical COVID-19 investments to improve monitoring of cancer screening programme - A case study from Bangladesh.

Introduction to plant science research and experimentation.

Estimating seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in Ohio: A Bayesian multilevel poststratification approach with multiple diagnostic tests

Assessing Loss and Damage of Low Exposed Sudden Onset Disasters: Evidence from the Marginal Salt Cultivators of KutubdiaIsland, Bangladesh

Design-Based Approach for Analysing Survey Data in Veterinary Research

Educational Differences in Cohort Fertility Across Sub-national Regions in Europe

Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurial Fishermen Communities in Bangladesh: Realities from the Ground

Fuzzy data envelopment analysis of organic farms

Biostatistics in Africa 2019: A Special Issue of The International Journal of Biostatistics

Comparison of Reported and Survey-Based Coverage in Onchocerciasis Programs over a Period of 8 Years in Cameroon and Uganda.

The Hijab and Muslim women’s employment in the United States

Intelligent Data Analysis and Predictive Models for Regional Labor Markets

Minimal Dispersion Approximately Balancing Weights: Asymptotic Properties and Practical Considerations.

A Boundary Corrected Non-Parametric Regression Estimator for Finite Population Total

Evolving Measurement for an Evolving Economy: Thoughts on 21st Century US Economic Statistics

A Regularized Raking Estimator for Small-Area Mapping from Forest Inventory Surveys

River metrics by the public, for the public

Gender differences in job dissatisfaction in a developing country

O6C.1 Ischaemic heart disease and occupation: a linkage between two new zealand surveys and the integrated data infrastructure

In the footsteps of a quiet pioneer: revisiting Pearl Jephcott’s work on youth leisure in Scotland and Hong Kong

Measuring sexual behaviours and attitudes in hard-to-reach groups. A comparison of a non-probability web survey with a national probability sample survey

Bayesian Analysis of Sparse Counts Obtained From the Unrelated Question Design

Supplementing Small Probability Samples with Nonprobability Samples: A Bayesian Approach

Educational Differences in Cohort Fertility Across Sub-national Regions in Europe

Confidence intervals for the difference in the success rates of two treatments in the analysis of correlated binary responses.

Empirical likelihood confidence intervals under imputation for missing survey data from stratified simple random sampling

Remarks on the Use of Probabilities in Demography and Forecasting

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