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Locust bean gum adsorption onto softwood kraft pulp fibres: isotherms, kinetics and paper strength

Carbon reduction of Ti3AlC2 phase for TiC nanosheet production

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Adsorption, kinetics and thermodynamics of phenol removal by ultrasound-assisted sulfuric acid-treated pea (Pisum sativum) shells

Diethyl carbonate as a green extraction solvent for chlorophenol determination with dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction

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Nitrogen salt fertilization vs. substrate availability: Two strategies to improve nitrification during the production of the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei.

Dissipation and strain-stiffening behavior of pectin-Ca gels under LAOS.

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Effects of the Hofmeister anion series salts on the rheological properties of Sesbania cannabina galactomannan.

Changes of sensitive microbial community in oil polluted soil in the coastal area in Shandong, China for ecorestoration.

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The Effect of NaCl Concentration and Incubation Time on Oxalate and Total Acid in Fermented Cabbage using Various Microorganisms

Preparation of new hydrophobic deep eutectic solvents and their application in dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction of Sudan dyes from food samples

Multiclass Pesticide Residue Analysis in Fruit and Vegetable Samples by Combining Acetone-Based Salting-Out Assisted Extraction with Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction

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Salt pulses effects on in-stream litter processing and recovery capacity depend on substrata quality.

Plant-fungal symbiosis responds to experimental addition of resources and physical stressor in a salt marsh

α-amylase production obtained from Aspergillus niger ATCC 1004 by solid state fermentation using Croton linearifolius residues as substrate

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Effect of Differences in Salt Concentration on the Quality of Rebon Shrimp Paste (Acetes Sp) in Tegal District

Characterization of a Novel Food Grade Emulsion Stabilized by the By- Product Proteins Extracted From the Head of Giant Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)

A Validated SPE-UPLC-DAD Method for Quantification of Parabens in Industrial Waste Effluent Water Samples by Using Activated Carbon Nanofiber Modified Filter Paper

The Formation of Chitosan-Coated Rhamnolipid Liposomes Containing Curcumin: Stability and In Vitro Digestion

Salt-Tolerance in Castor Bean (Ricinus communis L.) Is Associated with Thicker Roots and Better Tissue K+/Na+ Distribution

Strengthening Mechanisms in Al3Zr-Reinforced Aluminum Composite Prepared by Ultrasonic Assisted Casting

Modelling the Effect of Salt and PEG on Water Uptake in Wheat Seeds

Salt intake and salt-reduction strategies in South Asia: From evidence to action.


Colorimetric, Naked-Eye Detection of Lysozyme in Human Urine with Gold Nanoparticles

Study on the Corroded Hollow Section RC Columns Strengthened by ICCP-SS System

Influence of pH and ionic strength on the thermal gelation behaviour of pea protein

Construction of a novel reversible aqueous biphasic system for water purification

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Application of magnetite nanoparticles modified Azolla as an adsorbent for removal of reactive yellow dye from aqueous solutions

Optimising factors affecting solid phase extraction performances of molecular imprinted polymer as recent sample preparation technique

Effect of Added Salt on Disordered Poly(ethylene oxide)-Block-Poly(methyl methacrylate) Copolymer Electrolytes

Extraction and Preconcentration of Some Pesticides in Vegetable and Fruit Juice Samples Using SA@CaCO3 Sorbent Combined with Dispersive Liquid–Liquid Microextraction

Metal salts as dopants for ZnO ceramics-thermogravimetry coupled with mass spectrometry studies

Solvency and salt addition influence the photoresponsivity and fluorescence in an azobenzene-containing block copolymer

In-syringe ionic liquid-dispersive liquid liquid microextraction coupled with HPLC for the determination of trans,trans-muconic acid in human urine sample.

Enhanced Electrical Properties of PVDF Thin Film by Addition of NaCl by Near-Electric-Field 3D Printing

Nanofiber engineering of microporous polyimides through electrospinning: Influence of electrospinning parameters and salt addition

Combinational effects of acid and salt addition on colloidal, interfacial, and emulsifying properties of purified soybean oil bodies

De novo transcriptomic analysis of Graesiella emersonii NC-M1 reveals differential genes expression in cell proliferation and lipid production under glucose and salt supplemented condition

Looping-in complexation and ion partitioning in nonstoichiometric polyelectrolyte mixtures

Novel hydrophobic deep eutectic solvents for ultrasound-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction of trace non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in water and milk samples

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