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Analyzing Consumer Preferences for Credence Attributes of Fish and Fishery Products in Davao City, Philippines

Consumer Perception of Food Quality and Safety in Western Balkan Countries: Evidence from Albania and Kosovo

Safety Attributes sentence examples within Road Safety Attributes

Optimization of Fully Convolutional Network for Road Safety Attribute Detection

Single class detection-based deep learning approach for identification of road safety attributes

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Maternal and neonatal health care worker well-being and patient safety climate amid the COVID-19 pandemic

[Safety Walk Rounds - Clinical unit visits with a focus on patient safety].

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Mucilage and cellulosic derivatives as clarifiers for the improvement of the non-centrifugal sugar production process.

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Spiropidion discovery: Broad spectrum control of sucking insects and mites for multicrop utility

Role of Sensory Appeal, Nutritional Quality, Safety, and Health Determinants on Convenience Food Choice in an Academic Environment

Introduction to wireless endogenous security and safety: Problems, attributes, structures and functions

Virtual Fence System Based on IoT Paradigm to Prevent Occupational Accidents in the Construction Sector

Precisely Fabricated Sulpiride-Loaded Nanolipospheres with Ameliorated Oral Bioavailability and Antidepressant Activity

Microorganisms and food safety risks associated with indigenous fermented foods from Africa

Honeybee and Plant Products as Natural Antimicrobials in Enhancement of Poultry Health and Production

Willingness to Pay for Enhanced Mandatory Labelling of Genetically Modified Soybean Oil: Evidence from a Choice Experiment in China

Use of Connected Technologies to Assess Barriers and Stressors for Age and Disability-Friendly Communities

Are electric vehicles masculinized? Gender, identity, and environmental values in Nordic transport practices and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) preferences

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Fruits and Vegetables

US Congress mandates silliness, USDA complies

Isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria with probiotic potential from fermented flour of selected banana varieties grown in Sri Lanka

In vivo safety assessment of Lactobacillus fermentum strains, evaluation of their cholesterol lowering ability and intestinal microbial modulation.

Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Food with Information on Animal Welfare, Lean Meat Essence Detection, and Traceability

Oral Drug Delivery Technologies—A Decade of Developments

Safety attributes in primary care: understanding the needs of patients, health professionals, and managers.

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Safety Attributes 安全属性
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